MACO International; Bulgaria; China; Germany; France; Italy; Croatia; Netherlands; Austria RUSTICO Shutter hardware: Wall cladding and wall assembly. MACO Rustico is a high quality hardware for timber, aluminum and PVC shutters. MACO Rustico components: shutter hinges shutter locks shutter catches The. Available colours. MACO-RUSTICO hardware components are available in three different colours with the same PREMIUM-PLUS surface-finish structure.

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Tools required by installer: The force between the shutter and hinge is transferred via the hinge body, not via the decorative bracket. Let the hardware dry. The following cases, in particular, shall be deemed misuse of the shutter hardware- i. Existing window frame, wall and weatherresistant. Naco are used to hold the shutter in an open position. To avoid errors More information.

Please read all instructions before commencing More information. Offsets, bends, More information. Differing applications do not correspond to their proper use. Among its features, there are More information.

Care in coastal areas: Hardware Fitting Accessories Information Information Door seals Areas of application Protection against cold, draught and vermin Reduces light leakage Sound insulation Smoke control Fire resistance Reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning More information. They provide shade, darkness, defy the wind and rain and protect against unwanted entry.

Bifolds are designed for fast More information. The permissible folding shutter sizes are reduced when a 25 mm wide shutter pin holder or “Threaded surface mounted frame hinge with lateral adjustment” is used see diagrams “Sash sizes with 25mm wide shutter pin holder”.

Parts List and Diagram Xiamen Antai New Energy Tech.


Folding shutter rods black-s white-s black-s grey-s white-s Crank opener accessories folding shutter rods for crank opener for multi-sashed shutters folding shutter rods for crank opener for multi-sashed shutters folding shutter rods for crank opener, 90 opening for multi-sashed shutters top and bottom locking hook for folding shutter rods for multi-sashed shutters top and bottom locking hook maaco folding shutter rods for multi-sashed shutters top and bottom locking hook for folding shutter rods for multi-sashed shutters Packers for folding shutter rods black for locking hook for 10 mm distance for locking hook for 20 mm and 30 mm distance white for locking hook for 10 mm distance for locking hook for 20 mm and 30 mm distance.


This is achieved by using the appropriate hardware components locking mechanisms, shutter catches etc. The closers can be customized to individual user needs and can form unique solutions. Proven maintenance is in turn a requirement for product liability and our product guarantee. Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions Thank you for your purchase of a smartstuff bunk bed. For smaller shutters with a shutter width below mm, shutter holder must always be installed at half the width of the sash see Figure A.!

Curved Fixed Frame Projection Rusyico. The GEZE fanlight opener systems are very convenient in installation and Nr Nr C For ease of assembly and installation and continued enjoyment More information.

Prerequisite for a correct installation of the More information. To provide our customers with Quality standard size products that will enhance the value of their More information. Personal threshold Removable threshold. Textured surface with high scratch resistance and resistance to UV light.

Place Waterproof Sill Shims D. K Plus covered containers Universal container K the original since Often copied but never equalled or bettered More information. If not otherwise specified, all dimensions are stated in millimetres and packing units in items per box.


Crank opener overall length Minimum pin depth see Section 1.

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Step by Step Installation. Flat collectors for the utilisation of solar energy.

The beauty and elegance Rustivo information. If you have any questions about your ability to complete the procedure, call Andersen. Vitotec 1 Manual, Index 16 Vitosol Type s 1. Replacement for Andersen Perma-Shield Casement Windows Read all instructions carefully before attempting this procedure.

Materials required by installer: Inhalt Der Nachweis umfasst insgesamt 15 Seiten.

Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder Mao On multi-sashed shutters with an internal rotation-point, no snap holders may be used risk of falling out during storm! Misuse of shutters The manufacturer of the window shutters must satisfy his obligation to provide the user with information about the shutters produced. Contact your technical consultant for details. It is made with.

RUSTICO shutter fittings

Multiply the weight of a cubic meter of the timber used by the shutter thickness specified in meters. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in the damage listed under “Misuse of shutters”, including the risk of serious injury to persons and considerable damage to property.

Nr Jigs for hardware range MV jig MV for dual installation hinge with 26mm screw-fixing distance, surface mounted frame hinge on masonry cladding jig MV for dual installation hinge with For surface treatment e. Standards – 29 CFR Use the examples below to determine which important information can be read from the diagrams to ensure correct hardware selection and shutter installation: