Lösung D in Download enthalten. Gänseliesel Musikalisches Suchspiel . Mysteryadventure, Fortsetzung von Geheimakte Tunguska, 3rd Person, Point&Click. American Mc Gee`s Alice Komplettlösung Teil 1. Amerika Dark Fall 2 – Lights Out Director’s Cut Lösung zur englischen Version . Geheimakte Tunguska. The Camera is an Item in Secret files tunguska, which is an digital camera. You have to speak with Lisa, then repair the Bicycle from her. Then you will become.

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Die selten verwendeten Cutscenes sind allesamt hervorragend in Szene gesetzt und wecken die Lust auf mehr. Goldrush Sierra Sprache: Beim Inventar haben wir es mit einem intelligentem Inventar zu tun. As Barbie, the player has the option geheimalte completing various quests given to her by the denizens of the island, such as finding lost items or fixing broken objects.

Secret Files: Tunguska v1.03 German Patch

The hint system is a coin that sits under the inventory, making one of the objects shine when clicked. Well, maybe if you’d known that Black Bill’s bandits were after him and wouldn’t take kindly to you sticking your nose in where it wasn’t wanted. Animation Arts Creative GmbH. The game also features a help function which marks every item the player can interact with. Objects collected are stored in the inventory at the bottom of the screen that can be accessed by clicking on the bag icon.

Between the Worlds is a hidden object game, where the player has to search locations cluttered with objects, clicking the ones listed at the left side of the screen within a time limit.


The main protagonist is an American archaeology student called Alabama Smith, that is sent by his University to do some research on Italy. Players that get stuck on a book can leave it to be solved later, by going back to the library and selecting another one.

The core gameplay is based around equestrianism: After solving them, the player receives a piece of the magic compass and the game moves to another part of the globe.

Arkona is also impregnated with classical Slav mythology and mysticism: They are presented as emblems with icons: The mystery of the successor and the third term is finally revealed.

Travel to exotic locations, explore rich sceneries, engage with interesting characters and collect useful information. It is an unofficial sequel to the first two Broken Sword games from Revolution Software.

Secret Files Tunguska Pal Multi5 Wii Controller – freedomgroove

Suche den Schatz von King William. Leisure Suit Larry – Wet dreams don’t dry. Warum einfach, wenn es auch kompliziert geht. When George receives a telegram from France one day he already has a foreboding of evil. Die Gnomin Ingrid Bottomlow ist eine begabte Studentin.

J, D, E, F. But most important, that they wonderfully recreate nature and the way of life tungusks those times.

‎Narayana Devotional Songs on the App Store

The player has access to a new set of books after solving a logic puzzle involving these symbols. Glass Rose Capcom Gateway 2 Homeworld Legend Sprache: The game keeps score at the top, where a meter shows the scenario progress. The game has over 35 visually beautiful locations.


A story driven, sci-fi mystery, point and click adventure game! One Zero Three – Music is also selected very successfully.

Set in a post apocalyptic world, the plot has a somewhat fantastic and mysterious vibe. On the contrary, she asks George to geheimakye the apartment. The first episode is free to everyone. Reviews FlyWheel Games 10 Days Under the Sea is a hidden object game with a treasure hunt theme, where valuables have to be collected around the world.

Die Kunst des Mordens – Geheimakte F.B.I.

He soon discovers a time traveling device and a conspiracy involving a secret society. Versuchen Tunvuska Eva aus den Klauen des schleimigen Drachens zu befreien. Ina Special Edition commercial version was released that was different from the standard version with improvements in a few graphics, fonts and soundtrack, as well as the whole set of additional documents: In fact, there’s an entire universe beyond geheimskte one that you Outsiders see on your screens whenever you start playing our games.

CZ Release E After visiting all the locations, Zoe needs to travel to another city. Some jobs involve photographing several instances of the same object. On the expert mode, objects have to be combined and assembled manually.

Dumm nur, dass unser randvoller Freund eine andere Marke bevorzugt. Er plazierte den Pilz daraufhin auf dem Markplatz.