With eyes on the new glazed pavilion designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, here’s a look back at Louis Kahn’s original Kimbell, which put the institution. The Kimbell Art Museum by architect Louis I. Kahn was built in Fort Worth, Texas, United States in Past show featuring works by Louis Kahn at Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth, Camp Bowie Boulevard Mar 26th – Jun 25th

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Kahn Building | Kimbell Art Museum

Precolumbian art is represented by Maya works in ceramic, stone, shell, and jadeOlmecZapotecand Aztec sculpture, as well as pieces from the Conte and Huari cultures. In pastels srt have been acknowledged as the most sublime examples of his drawing, he captured the vivid colors that light and shadow make as they illuminate the ancient sites.

Kahn was pleased with this development because it allowed him to design the museum with galleries that resembled the ancient Roman vaults he had always admired. Not fully understanding the capabilities of modern concrete shellsKahn initially planned to include many more support columns museym were necessary for the gallery roofs.

The museum also houses a substantial library with over 59, books, periodicals and auction catalogs that are available as a resource to art louiis and to faculty and graduate students from surrounding universities.

The museum is composed of 16 parallel vaults that are each feet The museum owns only a few pieces created after the midth century believing that era to be the province of its srt, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and no American art believing that to be the province of its other neighbor, the Amon Carter Museum.

With one exception, the art galleries are located on the upper floor of the museum to allow access to natural light. The Museum’s building, designed by the American architect Louis I.


Other elements are based on a ratio of 20 to Additionally, Kahn and his engineers placed long steel cables inside along the length of each vault.

From Loiis, the free encyclopedia. As in most of its buildings Kahn managed to develop features that contextualize and give a unique personality to the project.

The design of the Kimbell Museum of Fine Arts, built between andoffers its iimbell in the will of contact with the exterior: The lunette also acts as an important element that separates distinct parts of the structure and is, in turn, shaped by those parts.

Kahn who designed a series of galleries oriented north to south with vaulted ceilings, which have a central slit of light. The exhibition Louis Kahn: In keeping with his palette of warm and cool tonal harmonies, Kahn also selected white oak for the gallery floors, doors, and cabinetry; anodized aluminum a light-weight metal noted for its high reflectivity that has been covered with a protective oxide coating for the soffits and reflectors; and mill-finished steel for windows and door frames, elevators, and handrails, as well as in the kitchen, conservation studio, and darkroom.

Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture | Kimbell Art Museum | Artsy

Archived from the original on December 27, Kahn —architect Photograph: The schematic designs for the new Kimbell building were made public in Novemberand the plans were released in May Inbefore the museum even had a building, founding director Brown included this directive in his Policy Statement: Gong XianLandscape, c. The Geren firm, which had been asked to look for ways to keep costs low, objected that the cycloid vaults would be too expensive and urged a flat roof instead.

Creating the right look to the concrete was a matter of serious importance to Kahn, who went to great lengths to select the proper color soft gray with lavender tones determined by the mixture of sand and cement.


The Asian collection comprises sculptures, paintings, bronzes, ceramics, and works of decorative art from ChinaKoreaJapanIndiaNepalTibetCambodiaand Thailand. Brown also expanded the Kimbell collection by acquiring several works of significant quality by artists like DuccioEl GrecoRubensand Rembrandt. He employed this approach to create his first masterpiece, the Salk Institute — The building will also museim concrete and stainless steel as the primary construction materials.

With complex spatial compositions and a choreographic mastery of light, Kahn created buildings of archaic beauty and powerful universal symbolism.

Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture

They noted that when Kahn himself was questioned about the possibility of a future expansion, he said that it should “occur as a new building and be situated away from the present structure across the lawn”. One of them penetrates the gallery floor to bring natural light to the conservation studio on the ground floor.

A good example of this are those covered roofs, which make a fine partnership between the structure and what was once the rural setting of Fort Worth. These forms cycloid, and are willing vertically or horizontally, are precisely the elements that characterize and contextualize the Kimbell Art Museum in the Texan landscape to which it belongs.

The landscape has been described as “Kahn’s most elegant built example of landscape planning” by Philadelphia landscape architect George Patton. The museum is surrounded by a forest and a pond that add a suitable environment to the whole ambience of the place.

For information, call The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort WorthTexashosts an art collection as well as traveling art exhibitions, educational programs and an extensive research library.