Since the launch of the original d20 Living Arcanis campaign, thousands of players answered the challenge to leave their mark upon the. Living Arcanis 5E HP The Invasion of Tultipet – This adventure is written using the 5th Edition Ruleset. Living Arcanis 5E Season 2 The. Living Arcanis 5E HP Into the Blessed Lands – This adventure is written using the 5th Edition Ruleset. Living Arcanis 5E Season 2 The.

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There are seven primary races: How will you honor the fallen victims?

This article has multiple issues. These subraces of Human have been attuned to the elements of air and water, respectively, and display several differences including longer life Kio and more elven traits Undir. Livinv Arcanis 5E afcanis still a great resource for your home game! See below for more details.

Dark-kin infernally taintedDwarves cursed GiantsElorii basically Elves, but with some significant differencesGnomes offspring of a human and a dwarfHumans including the elementally attuned Kio and UndirSs’ressen Lizard-folkand Val touched by the arcamis with different bloodlines depending on which God was their progenitor.

Campaign settings Origins Award winners. Also, Living Arcanis was played at smaller regional conventions throughout the world, many of which host special events, as well as by players at home. Back at this level and receive an option to buy retailer copies of the Arcanis 5E Core book!

Campaign Documents

The Ghost Scale are livign of a splinter group of Black Talons who came upon an artifact in the sewers of Grand Coryan that radiates a magical aura which so happens to also radiate heat enough to support a ss’eressen clutch and took to worshiping it as a god by the name of Herka.


The Mother Church of Coryan considers worship of the Myrantian deities heresy, but allows the worship of traditional Pantheon of Man deities under the names of Myrantian gods. You were one of a few hundred that happened to be out of the area when the genocidal onslaught took place.

This adventure will never be published but arcanos be considered part of the Living Arcanis 5E campaign. The core plot of the campaign was closely controlled by Henry Lopez.

Luving Arcanis campaign setting is a grim, dark work of epic fantasy, modeled after the ancient world rather than a European medieval setting.

Arcanis – Wikipedia

This full color hardback will let you explore the wonders of the Blessed Lands, from the ancient Citadels of the Gods, across the Plains of Monuments, to the Voei infested Fervidus Hills. This cert will allow you to play one of the rare, arcnis sized Ibon in the Living Arcanis 5E campaign.

This mount will be tougher and faster than a regular. A password will be e-mailed to you. Originally, they worshiped slaadi, but with the removal of these beings from the Open Gaming License content, Paradigm Concepts was forced to change this.

Share this project Done. You begin play with one mundane weapon, armor or shield of a gold piece value not greater than gps. The Arcanis Campaign Setting is an immersive world of epic battles, where the most dangerous adversary is not some mythical creature, but your fellow being.

The Myrantian Pantheon seems primarily based on the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, though not entirely. Arcanis the World of Shattered Empires is back and updated for 5th Edition, with new character options but the same Grim Dark attitude!


The Deities xrcanis Arcanis are sectioned off into different pantheons. See the Rewards section for details.

Other pantheons such as the Pantheon of the Elves, are broken, or destroyed leaving only one or no gods behind. Match wits with the canniest of merchants, thieves and priests from across the Known Lands to the exotic empires and city-states to the west.

You may only apply one of these per character. The Ashen Hide ss’ressen broke off from the Black Talons, deciding that the Fire Dragon was actually the human god of fire and war, Nier.

A somewhat common movement among Elorii has been the practice of identifying elemental lords with one of the human gods that supposedly absorbed those elemental lords powers.

Living Arcanis 5E Organized Play Campaign is now LIVE!

Ss’ressen are lizard-men and a major arcains of the Ssethregoran Empire. The Dwarves are divided into different groups, called Enclaves.

Mar 21, – Apr 22, 31 days. Living Arcanis was the name of the first Living Campaign set in the Arcanis setting. The secondary risk is a potential delay in receiving the necessary information and feedback from those backer levels that require their input.

This empire consists of many races, many of them serpentine such as Naga and Ssanu snake-men who replaced the Yuan-ti after the latter were removed from the Open Gaming License content.

They eventually rebelled against their creators.