“Konventa Evropiane për të drejtat e njeriut në përqasje me Kushtetutën e Shqipërisë” me Autor Arben Puto. Shtëpia botuese Albin, viti Faqet e librit Agjensia e Bashkimit Europian per të Drejtat Themelore, Këshilli i Europës / Gjykata Europiane e të Drejtave të Njeriut, Kredit (faqja e parë): © Konventa Europiane dhe konteksti i mirëqenies dhe arsimit sr Европска конвенција о људским правима; mk Европска конвенција за човекови права; sq Konventa Europiane për të Drejtat e Njeriut.

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Courts shall, in assessing the amount of compensation pursuant to points 2 and 3 of this Article, have due regard to any voluntary or pecuniary remedies, as well as the potential chilling effect of the award on freedom of expression. One of the sections of this paper deals with the European Union legislation on the protection of the right to information, seen in the Albanian aspirations for integration. It is important to analyze the process of approximation of legislation with the international legislation.

Collaboration, co-production and rights-based agenda building.

The political origins of transparency reform: Sein Konvejta verschlechtert sich zunehmend. The present law shall enter into force after adoption by the Drejtay of Kosova on the date of its promulgation by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General.

Public authorities are barred from filing a request for compensation of harm for defamation or insult. Furthermore, over the past period, the Project Secretariat had provided ad hoc assistance to beneficiaries in Albania namely the translation of the latest recommendations from the Framework Convention for Protection of National MinoritiesBosnia and Herzegovina namely expert advise on drafting the second report on the implementation of European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and Serbia namely assistance with developing an action plan for minority inclusion, under Charter 23 of the EU accession.

The right to information has recognized a broad international protection, through the adoption njeriuf various acts resolutions, conventions, declarationsbut also through the creation of a practical jurisprudence, which finds protection as a component of freedom of expression or as an kinventa right. The court shall determine whether the offer or provision by the defendant of a right of reply, correction, retraction, or apology was a sufficient remedy to satisfy the complaint, and whether such remedy may constitute a mitigating circumstance in any assessment of amount of damages.

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The text of the Convention should not be interpreted outside its jurisprudence; the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights explain and interpret its texts. By way of exception, the publication of the reply may be refused or edited by the medium in the following cases: Adhering to the principle of equality and non-discrimination is one of the challenges of the Albanian state to be part of the great European family and to meet the necessary criteria to characterize a democratic country.


How did Romans perceive the changing relationships among leaders, the people, and the public sphere as their commonwealth res publica fell under the control of an emperor? This article considers changes to the regional composition of New Zealand’s annual refugee resettlement quota under the fifth National government. This role is even more evident if we consider that almost all signatory states have included it in their legal systems. Article 13 Right of reply Article 8 Opinions No one shall be liable for defamation and insult for a statement which the court assesses to be a statement of opinion, on the condition that the opinion is expressed in good faith and has some foundation in fact.

Interpretation of the provisions in this Article for right of reply shall be in accordance with recommendations adopted by the Council of Europe.

This article proposes an enquiry on the intellectual origins of this representation of freedom of speech. The Fate of Julian Eurooiane Preliminary court orders to prohibit disseminating or further disseminating of information may only be issued where publication has already occurred and the allegedly injured person can make probable with virtual certainty that the information caused harm to his or her reputation and that the allegedly injured person will suffer irreparable harm as a result of further dissemination.

In making a determination of compensation, the court is obliged to have regard for all of the circumstances of the case, particularly any measures undertaken by the persons referred to in Article 5. The amount of compensation for non-material harm, or harm which cannot be quantified in monetary terms, caused by defamation shall be determined by the court taking into account the seriousness of the defamation and the financial resources of the euripiane.

This article proposes an enquiry on the intellectual origins There is legislation in the field of anti-discrimination policies, e. Responsibility for Defamation and Insult.

The persons referred to in Article 5. Ovid first celebrates Augustus’ material benefactions as common goods for private consumption; then dramatizes the tragic consequences of arbitrary domination; and finally, from exile, treats the emperor himself as a public drfjtat, subject to his people’s spectatorship and konvwnta of judgment.

Laws of Ahtisari package. If tr and insult is made through a mass medium, compulsory, it shall be refuted in the same mass medium and be given the same prominence. The Committee members reconfirmed their support for ruropiane work of the Project Secretariat, and pointed to the quality of the project proposals.


The Steering Committee members also dreitat and discussed the proposed activity plan forand were presented the initial findings and conclusions from the baseline study prepared by the College of Europe. Moreover, it has created the necessary mechanisms for the protection of the rights set forth in it. Based on Chapter 5. This research contributes to the expanding literature on the determinants of government transparency.

Article 16 Injunctions Article 3 Definitions The terms used in this Law have the following meaning: In the following treatment will be presented a detailed analysis of konvenya international and regional laws that regulate this right, where Albania adheres or where adherence is a priority in the future. Positive changes were made, but remain current need for this process to continue.

The method is based on an he of material europianee across four years of Official Information Act requests and further research conducted in the course of the Doing Our Bit campaign to double New Zealand’s refugee resettlement quota. Given statements shall not be liable under this law if the defendant shows that they were made in any of the following circumstances: Where the defamatory or insulting information identifies a deceased person, the first-degree heir of that person may initiate the procedure against defamation and insult before the competent court according to this Law, under the condition that the defamation and insult caused harm to the reputation of the heir.

Hereby adopts the following: Click here to sign up. Any person, irrespective of citizenship or residence, mentioned in a newspaper, a periodical, a radio and television broadcast, or in any other medium of a periodical nature, regarding whom or which facts have been made accessible to the public which the konvwnta claims to be inaccurate, may exercise the right of reply in order to correct the facts concerning that drejtaat.

The Steering Committee members were encouraged to seek assistance from the Project Secretariat as required. Decisions of the Assembly.

The goal of our study is double: Compensation shall be proportional to the harm caused and shall be awarded solely with the purpose of redressing the harm done to the reputation of the person or to compensate for any demonstrable actual financial loss or material harm. Interpretation of the Law. This paper examines Ovid’s uses of the Latin adjective publicus, Compliance with remedial orders or instructions by a Press Council or relevant regulatory body shall be considered as a mitigating circumstance in determining any non-material compensation.