Homemade belt grinder patterned after a KMG design. Tag: KMG clone. Homemade 2×72 Belt Grinder. Ever since I saw a belt grinder in use, I saw the many uses it could have in the shop. After pricing them, I found. Heres a photo summary of a KMG clone I built based on Mike Clercs drawings. Mike was very helpful when I had questions about his plans so.

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Many thanks for sharing. A brand new inch contact wheel on ebay costs USD or moresois a good idea to build your own.

KMG clone I built

However let it be known there are some things that are not up to par in the mkg and do need to be modified to work properly some holes are off and others need to be changed to a larger size to prevent malfunctions with the grinder.

Last edited by squigly; at One day i would like to convert mine so that it will rotate horizontal. Terry gave me a bunch of advice on the build he is on here somewhere.

Stainless steel is double the price of aluminium kmgg in South Africa thanks. Last edited by Bubber; at You can find em a couple places online, but gets to be a pain in the butt. I want that knife to look so good you just have to pick it up, feel so good in your hand you can’t wait to try it, and once you use it, you never want to put it down! Drive motor is weakI need a minimum of 1kw of power for this baby Share This Page Tweet. Hi Katran, Beautiful Work!


Just looked through the plans. That’s all the drawings of the different components of the grinder. I am going to make a air filter for the end of the motor toward the belt and stop some of the dust going in. Maybe just use the basement for clonr and hand finishing stuff.

KMG Clone blueprints (Image Heavy!) – The Knife Network Forums : Knife Making Discussions

I may have to move the grinding back out to the shed which is now since I finally built an oven, supposed to be the heat treat department. I can slow it down and it still maintains the power pretty well.

But time will tell I guess. Wish I would have made mine from aluminum. It spit chunks before I had a chance to grind a blade on it but it wasn’t because it wss a treadmill motor.

I bought a 3 Phase electric motor and a VFDhope to make the grinding test in a piece of steel soon Tags for this Thread rpmdd4[img. Here are some pics http: I am trying to move my equipment out of my shed and into this room in the basement so excuse all the weight stuff and junk in the photos.


New Machine Build KMG clone belt grinder ( pics )

Yes, my password is: I wish I could turn mine into a horizontal as well. Thanks for posting this I think I can see a better grinder in my future Sam.

No, create an account now. That seems to clonf the intake end to cool the motor. This site uses cookies. Are you going to have a shop cut the metal for you or try cutting it yourself?

Homemade KMG Clone Belt Grinder

Any suggestions, comments or questions are welcome. You can find customer reviews of phenq a couple places online, but gets to be a pain in the butt. Welcome to the forum I had to ” dress cpone the surface in order to have corect contact between the wheel and belt.

Find all posts by C Craft. The time now is Its from plans on the www put together with what I had on hand or could scrounge from my buddies junk yard. KMG clone on Ebay. Hi Icho Horizontal cone easy if the motor is not in the way.