if you cut and paste the Latex output into your own documents, or if you don’t. The error message indicates that your TeXLive installation is corrupted or incomplete. It shows that the programs latex and dvips were indeed. JaxoDraw is a Feynman graph plotting tool written in Java. of JaxoDraw’s main features is the possibility to create LATEX files which make.

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Installing axodraw4j system-wide Installing axodraw4j system wide is very easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. But I don’t know what are the paths. Older versions were written and maintained with Java version 1. This is dvips k 5. On which platform does llatex run?

This has to do with the “PATH” problem of latex itself. Note that there is also an rpm package of axodraw4j available on the JaxoDraw downloads page, which may be used on Redhat-like systems. I can’t update anything using tlmgr and even after deleting Texlivethe pdflatex seems to be using the old version mysteriously. Vermaseren’s axodraw style file, which was used in earlier versions by JaxoDraw.

Development Can I contribute? The first thing to check is whether you have indicated the correct paths for the latex and dvips executables in the Preferences panel you may have to give the absolute paths.

There may be several reasons for that. Where do I get help on JaxoDraw? You have to install axodraw4j. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This appendix describes how to do that. If you are running cygwin on Windows, see this separate faq.


Check this document and contact us! Note that you will need root privileges for a global installation.

Where can I ask? Once you have a correctly functioning TeXLive ,atex, jaxodraw ‘s export to eps layex work with jaxodraw ‘s default settings for the paths to latex and dvipswhich are just the strings ‘latex’ and ‘dvips’. Thanks a lot, it did work after installing the new version and up[stream of the texlive, although there seems to be another problem not related to jaxodraw. JaxoDraw jaxoddraw a Feynman diagram drawing tool. Any help will be highly appreciated because I am really stuck.

Couldn’t find header file: The number of undo steps can be configured in the Preferences. On MacOSX, you don’t even have to install a Java environment, since it comes with the operating system, so you can start using JaxoDraw right away! By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

RPM resource jaxodraw-latex

We shall only outline here how you make axodraw available on your system and how you use it with the LaTeX output from JaxoDraw. If you have maven installed, you can just run ‘ mvn site ‘ to build the whole site.

First get the axodraw4j. They should have been created by layex standard install of TeXLive in the following locations: An alternative better way is to put the style file in a special directory this is particularly useful if you have several style files which are not part of your standard LaTeX distribution.


Please see the Prerequisites document. When will feature XYZ be implemented? How do I do this and that with JaxoDraw? I wrote latex in the latex path and jaxldraw in the dvips path because I don’t know what else to do. Sign up using Facebook. On Mac OS X there is an issue if you are using the z-shell or tcsh as your default shell. Yes, there is an undo and re-do functionality since version 2.

Check for any error messages. This is described in the Instructions section of the source download document. There are just a few additions for the drawing of Bezier curves and the resizing of arrows. This package is derived from J.


The documentation is available from the axodraw web site. First put your axodraw4j. Linux instructions For installation, you have two options: Please refer to the axodraw user guide for a detailed documentation of the package.

Please try ‘export LaTeX’ and run latex manually. First check our bug list if the problem is already documented.

If you want to generate output via the direct postscript export menu of JaxoDrawyou should use the postscript text button to create a text, if you want to use the LaTeX – EPS export, use LaTeX text button.