Imam al-Ghazali has also written that “if musical instruments have become the Al-Shawkani then quotes Imam al-Ghazali’s commentary on this hadith, “The. Ali al-Shawkani, who died in /, was a figure of major importance Chapter one describes the Yemen under Imam al-Mahdi Abbas (d. The Biography of Imam Shawkani By Salahuddin Ali Abdul Mawjood. The biography provides details about his life and his family the era in which he lived his.

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This is achieved both through musical instruments and through human voices. The issue of listing to music is one that has differing opinions in Islamic law, it is not from matters of creed or those matters that are necessarily known from religion therefore it is not prudent for Muslims to castigate one another on such issues since one can only castigate issues that are agreed upon, not issues that have differing opinions.

Fatawa – What is the ruling concerning Music?

As there are jurists who have ruled that shawjani to music is permissible and they are jurists whom it is permissible to follow in their scholarship, it is therefore impermissible for one to criminalize Muslims who follow such an opinion. This is even more so as there is no single text proof that specifically outlaws music.

Among the scholars who have ruled music and listening to music is permissible is Imam al-Ghazali as he stated: Amusement and entertainment help one in seriousness and serious matters as one cannot tolerate such matters without aid, except for the Prophets upon them be peace. Therefore, amusement and entertainment are cures imsm the heart from exhaustion so it must accordingly be permissible, however one should not engage in it with excess just as one cannot take medicine in excess.


Based on this intention i. This situation, however, indicates a level lesser than wholeness as the whole ijam is he who is in no need of other than the truth to aid him. However, the shawoani deeds of the common people are the misdeeds of those who are high in spiritual rank.

Whosoever has mastered the science of the cures of the heart and the ways in which to make the heart soft knows with certainty that these sorts of entertainment and amusement are things one can not dispense with. And every other kind of instrument remains permissible such as tambourines even with jingles, drums, striking drums with branches, guitars and the like, or any other instrument.

For example the flute, if listening to it is permissible then it is praiseworthy what occurs to a person when listening to it and has left cautiousness in religion by listening to that which has differing opinions regarding.

When he did, he allowed her to carry out her vow without any form of castigation. This allowance indicates that what the women did was not an act of disobedience in such a circumstance. Ibn Hazm has stated that the Prophet said: Whosoever does not intend either disobedience or obedience, then this action is simple amusement and it is ineffectual and such an act is pardoned such as a person walking in his garden strolling or one sitting on his doorstep relaxing.

In summary we can say that the issue of singing, with instruments and without, is an issue that has caused scholarly dispute throughout all ages. These scholars have agreed on aspects regarding the issues and have disagreed in other aspects. They have agreed that any sort of singing of music that causes disobedience or aids in disobedience is impermissible as singing is comprised of words so its good is permitted and its bad is impermissible.


The areas of disagreement are whether musical instruments are permissible or not and others mentioned earlier. It is also noteworthy that excess of music and singing can take the act beyond its permissibility to the category of reprehensible acts, and perhaps even to the category of impermissibility. God is most high and all knowledgeable.

Revival and Reform in Islam: The Legacy of Muhammad al-Shawkani

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Revival and Reform in Islam: The Legacy of Muhammad al-Shawkani | The British-Yemeni Society

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