Müller, Ulrich; Langer, Markus F.: CHE-Studienkredit-Test Müller, Ulrich: Stellungnahme Hochschulgesetz Rheinland-Pfalz, Gütersloh, CHE, März Die Einstellungsvoraussetzungen ergeben sich aus 49 Hochschulgesetz Rheinland-Pfalz. Insbesondere sind paedagogische Eignung und. the Rhineland-Palatinate vouchers model) based on the number of hours studied , portion of all 18–year olds in higher education to 50% by Rheinland-Pfalz: Hochschulgesetz (HSchG) in der Fassung vom

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Landesmusikrat Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.: Hochschule für Musik Mainz

See hochschlugesetz foreign-language expressions are used in real life. In most cases subsidies are granted by the Land in question.

Around 12 million people lived in municipalities in rural areas with a population density of fewer than inhabitants per km2. Meanwhile, day-care centres that are privately maintained by churches, parents’ initiatives etc.

After the elections to the German Bundestag in Septemberthe assembly currently features seats. This corresponds to 6. User Account Log in Register Help. In geographical terms, the population is distributed rheinlandpfalz unevenly.

Volume 33 Issue 12 Decpp. Public spending on education The political and administrative hierarchy in the Federal Republic of Germany is made up of three levels: Volume 39 Issue 12 Decpp.

Over 90 per cent of all public-sector higher education institutions participated in the two rounds of applications in The Berufsschulen vocational schools which are, together with the training companies, jointly responsible for education and training within the dual system receive public financing.

For more detailed information on hovhschulgesetz responsibilities of the BMBF, see chapter 2. The decisive decline in the birth rate took place between the mid-sixties and the mid-seventies.

Volume 4 Issue 12 Decpp. Today, the major policy tasks facing the united Germany are to find a solution to the economic and social problems that are the legacy of the socialist planned economy. Financing of research at higher education institutions by external rheinland-pfal The funds allocated from the budget of the Land ministries responsible for higher education are the main source of finance for higher education institutions.


These certificates can also be obtained hochschulgeaetz evening classes and at vocational schools or through an external examination before a state examining board.

Mannheim liegt im Zentrum der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar: In numerical terms, Turks repre17 sented the biggest group, at 23 per cent of Germany’s foreign population. The Land also supports the local authorities through one-off grants, for example, contributions to school construction costs or certain subsidies for running costs.

Volume 16 Issue 12 Decpp. As a rule, the main element of these study courses is the fact that a foreign language — predominantly English — is used as the language of instruction and as a working language.

By contrast, it is not the Senator i. Volume 16 Issue 12 Decpp. In the course of the reform for the modernisation of the federal system Federalism reform I in the yearthe competence of the Federation for the framework legislation governing the general principles of higher education was repealed.

The initial impact of the reform approaches will primarily make itself felt in the distribution modalities.


Accident insurance for pupils In the Federal Republic of Germany accident insurance does exist for all pupils and students during lessons, on the way from home to school and back and during school functions. A further factor influencing the changing population structure is the number of foreign nationals living in Germany.

The achievement of a level does not provide automatic entitlement to access the next level and is not considered in conjunction with the implications for collective wage agreements and laws relating to remuneration. Introduction The financing of education from the public purse is currently based on the following arrangements: The Act grants children whose parents are in receipt of type-II unemployment benefit Arbeits-losengeld II or social security benefit Sozialgeldsocial assistance Sozialhilfereceive the supplementary child allowance Kinderzuschlag or housing benefit Wohngeldare legally entitled to subsidies for lunches in day-care centres for children, schools or after-school centres, to learning support, to contributions for youth sports clubs or music schools, and, where applicable, to the costs of day trips theinland-pfalz by the rhfinland-pfalz or day-care centre for children.


Meaning of “FH” in the German dictionary

You can suggest improvements to this PONS entry here: The main sources we used are professionally rheinlannd-pfalz company, and academic, websites. As a rule, these books must be approved by the Ministries of Education and Cultural Affairs; the titles of approved books are regularly published in a list. From the age of 14, each child is free to decide whether to attend religious instruction, unless Land legislation makes other provision.

A hocnschulgesetz to school transport as such exists only to the nearest school, though the term is defined differently from one Land to the next.

The head teachers’ duties include the following: Bewerbungen mit den ueblichen Unterlagen sind in schriftlicher Form bis zum The most important institution involved in promoting basic research in higher education is the German Research Foundation. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research was created as the Federal Ministry of Education and Science in in connection with the amendment to the Basic Law Grundgesetz — R1which gave the Federation additional responsibilities in the educational sector.

Volume 52 Issue 12 Novpp.