Fregoli delusion is the mistaken belief that some person currently present in the deluded person’s environment (typically a stranger) is a familiar. Fregoli syndrome (FS) is commonly associated with verbal threats and aggressive behavior. We present a case of Fregoli syndrome leading to. Fregoli syndrome and Capgras syndrome are psychological disorders which cause the patients to develop delusions regarding the people around him and.

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Here, we present a case in which a patient with Fregoli syndrome assaulted a psychiatrist.

The Fregoli delusion: a disorder of person identification and tracking.

Coexistence of DMSs are enhanced when coupled with other mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and synxrome mood disorders.

She believed these people pursued her closely, taking the form of people she knew or met. A case report and review of literature. Get help from best doctors, anonymously. Both conditions are extremely rare and are believed to develop in patients who already have other psychiatric disorders.

This mistrust was evident when Mr.

Fregoli Syndrome Vs Capgras Syndrome – Causes + Symptoms

Such damage may cause disruption in long-term visual memory and lead to improper associations of human faces. Fregoli’s syndrome and traumatic brain injury. This may have shed light on Mr. Overall, other research studies have also provided evidence in the correlation of DMS and gray-matter degeneration of the right frontal region, which controls attentional resources.

The family members of the patient are also counselled so that they do not feel insulted by the patient’s behavior. Patients with Fregoli delusion are convinced that everyone they meet is actually one single person — who usually wants to harm them. This disorder can be explained by “associative nodes”. This P component is correlated with updating the working memory to what is expected in the environment. Feature Shape-shifters and psycho-killers: I n Paris, intwo psychiatrists saw a household servant — who was also an ardent theatre -goer.


Overall, brain-injured patients were severely impaired in many executive functions such as self-monitoringmental flexibilityand social reasoning. This category of delusional syndromes is characterized by paranoia and hostility towards misidentified objects [ 1 ], with behaviors ranging from verbal threats to severe physical injuries. The study of DMS currently remains controversial [ citation needed ]as they are often coupled with many psychological disorders i.

The stranger is believed to be psychologically identical to this known person who is not present even though the deluded person perceives the physical appearance of the stranger as being different from the known person’s typical appearance.

Fregoli delusion Classification and external resources Specialty Psychiatry [ edit on Wikidata ]. Psychosis Delusional disorders Delusions. Neuropsychological testing suggested evidence of mild dementia, possibly related to HIV. D is a year-old single male with a longstanding history of schizophrenia, paranoid type, who was brought to the emergency room after he became increasingly paranoid and made threatening comments to the staff at his residential facility.

Financial Disclosure All authors report no financial relationships with commercial interests. But what is notable is that the patient continues to be free from psychotic symptoms even after 4 months of discharge. The frequency of violence in Fregoli syndrome is unclear.

Selective attention tests involving auditory targets were also performed, and brain-injured patients had many errors; this meant that they were deficient in their response regulation and inhibition. Although anemia due to the cobalamin deficiency has been described as a cause of a wide range of psychiatric disorders, the role of iron deficiency anemia in psychiatric disorders remains unexplored. Once it has been positively identified, pharmacotherapy follows.

Feature 2 Mar ‘Bringing a dead thing to life’: On another note, our brains interpret visual scenes in two pathways: In recent years, the P auditory component, which forms in response to a detection task that occurs a short time after a stimulus, has acquired a great deal of recognition. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Current research has shown that lesions in the right temporal lobe and the fusiform gyrus may contribute to DMSs.


Research by Feinberg, et al. The man — like many who show signs of the delusion – was suffering from schizophrenia.

A “Contemporary” Case of Frégoli Syndrome

Though he had a history of angry and agitated behavior, before the present admission the patient had no known history of violent behavior. This means that for any face that is similar to a recognizable face to the patient, the patient will recall that face as the person they know.

Other commonalities among these syndromes are that they are discriminatory in which object s are misidentified. In most patients, delusions were more salient than hallucinations. In comparison to normal patients, DMS patients generally exhibit an attenuated amplitude of Freglli at many abductions. Our synddome was also diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Fregoli syndrome.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Capgras syndrome has more complicated neuroanatomical causes. Christodoulou [ 11 ] described patients diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia who developed Fregoli delusions many years after their diagnosis and only after organic brain damage. This misidentification may result ftegoli assaultive behavior towards the staff.

Other patients show signs of other psychotic disorders, or in patients with conditions like epilepsy, dementia or with brain injuries. Capgras syndrome was discovered in by French psychiatrist Joseph Capgras.

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Traumatic events in Fregolj. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.