LiveDocs. Flex LiveDocs canbeaccessedfrom langref/, or it can be downloaded from. are the links to them in the Adobe LiveDocs: • Tree: flex/3/html/ • DataGrid: Explorer Reference Flex 3 LiveDocs com/flex/3/html/ Flex 3.

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Talk to your 4D Account Representative. Specifies the action to use to trigger the event on the object.

Skip to main content. When selected, the Ctrl-Shift-Alt key combination is used as the keyboard modifier for keyboard trigger events. Post as a guest Name. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. A wide range of reliable record and playback functionality across the broad suite of built-in Flex controls.

When selected, the Ctrl-Alt key combination is used as the keyboard modifier for keyboard trigger events. By using our site, you acknowledge that you glex read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Llvedocs of Service.

I did not see that link all the way at the bottom. If the OpenScript test is executed before the Flex control loads, an error will occur. You can also leverage other commands from other enabled classes services or general Java commands in your scripts.


flex 3 livedocs download?? | Adobe Community

The action node is added to the script tree. For example, Alt- key. The Adobe Flex Functional Test Module provides playback and iterate toolbar buttons that allows users to start the script playback for either a single playback through the script or multiple iterations using data from a databank file. This chapter provides instructions on configuring and using the OpenScript Adobe Flex Functional Test Module, which provides support for functional testing of Adobe Flex-based web applications.

Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3) API Reference

In addition to the predefined object identification, you can add an Object Library to the script to record paths into a library file. To add Forms actions to a script: A new Script tree is created in the Script View. The Flex Automation Framework the framework provides the following features: You can use the Capture or Select menu options to capture or select an object path. When selected, the scroll bar is put to the top of its scrolling range.

Problem with AIR and Flex 3

The Think time should be enough time to allow the Flex control to load completely before the OpenScript test is executed. Step groups can be added manually but are not created by default. You can view the progress of the script playback in the Console View.


I’d like to have the Flex 3 API on my local system for internet down times, but I cant find where it’s available for download, or how to generate it. Expand the Livedoca Action node. Do not close the script editor view or script project while recording or playing back scripts. For example the object identification path appears as follows in Java code commands: When selected, the scroll bar is moved one page down in the scrolling range.

Compiling Flex without Flex Builder

There are download links on this page to various documents: Enter the object identification path for the object. Specifies the mouse coordinate X position livedoxs the control for ColumnStretch and MouseMove actions on controls.

When selected, the Ctrl key is used as the keyboard modifier for keyboard trigger events. When selected, the scroll action is vertical.