KVR Audio News: One of the most popular and useful collections of trad jazz and Dixieland songs is now available on the Fakebook Pro. 1. Dixieland Fake Book – The Firehouse Jazz /. 1. Dixieland Fake Book – The Firehouse Jazz Band Sparad i Dropbox • 20 dec. 08 (11 Dixieland Jazz Band. Concert Pitch m Ostrich Walh The Firehouse Jazz Band C*7 Gm7 fe Recorded: ODJB , Mutt Carey (with Baby .

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Second Hand Rose – P.

Jones – Jones was piano player in the houses of Story ville at age 19, went on to work with King Oliver, Piron, Celestin, etc. Jelly often did not copyright his songs until many years after he composed them. Who’ll Chop Your Suey?

Firehouse Jazz Band Commercial Dixieland Fake Book

Dudley Vernor – Lyrics: Russell Robinson – Turk wrote lyrics for: In my heart it will re- mam: For there’s a change in the fashions Ask the feminine folks Even Rake Benny has been changin’ jokes I must make some changes from old to the new I must do things just the same as others do I’m goin’ to change dixjeland long tall Daddy For a little firehousr Fat Goin’ to change the number where I live at I must have some lovin’ or I’ll fade away There’ll be some changes made today There’ll be some changes made.


If you Egyptian Ella – P. Muir – Lyrics by Edgar Leslie – Leslie also did: He can play pi – an – o gran’. I’m all for you, Bod-y and Soul. Sister, Ain’t That Hot?

You’re near -erHea-ven on Moth -er Earth’s green. He played a unique Albert-system horn with a metal bell which curved forward like an alto or bass clarinet High Society P.

After last solo D. O- Do – in’ the New Low – Down. Oriental Strut – P. Marion Harris Verse: Keep heav- en at last? Cap – tain, Cap – tain, Moth – er pin a sink your ship! DorseyFletcher Henderson Orch. B I Solos begin: F Does he strut?

Firehouse Jazz Band Commercial Dixieland Fake Book | LibraryThing

D m thou who art wea – ry of sin. FF Gl 4 Tuba: Lead-in to “B” for Out Chorus: Look here Mis- ter Char- coal, You and I are through. But Minnie wiggled her jelly roll, Deacon Low-down hollered “Oh, save my soul! dixiealnd


Cm 7 3 F 7 I start and don’t stop. Ace – s do the buy – ing, That dress them from their heads down to their toes. For ev- ‘ry brok-en vow. Frisco Jazz Band voc. Gold- en Balls e- nough to pave the New Je – ru – sa -lem. Barney Google – P.

Russell Robinson – Rec: J J W 1 Folks would dake – er ’round from ev -‘ry where in town just to hear her play. Trumpeter Manone lost arm in street car accident when he was a child in New Orleans. Lis – ten to the 1 Bass rhythm at “A” Originally Leibrook’s bass sax part: