Farewell to Manzanar Excerpt. Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston. In her book Farewell to Manzanar, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston tells the story of what it was like to be. Clarify your understanding by rereading passages, summarizing, or slowing down your reading pace. As you read the excerpt from Farewell to Manzanar, use a. this excerpt from her memoir, think about her first impressions of the camp. Section 4 Excerpt from Farewell to Manzanar by James D. Houston and Jeanne.

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They rang till noon.

Farewell to Manzanar

That night Papa burned the flag he had brought with him from Hiroshima thirty-five years earlier. But this wasn’t enough.

They operated every night, but I never saw them because I went to bed so early and our block was well in from the perimeter. Tayama couldn’t identify anyone precisely, but the next day three men were arrested and one of these was sent out of the camp to the country jail at Independence, ten miles away.

A lot of fishermen around San Pedro Harbor had similar contracts with the canneries.

In those days — — there was no smog around Long Beach. This kind of emasculation was suffered, in one form or another, by all the men interned at Manzanar.

That afternoon the authorities agreed to bring the young cook back into camp. Since sugar and meat were both in short supply, and since it was rumored that infants had died from saccharin mixed into formulas as a sugar substitute, these charges were widely believed. He had t a man without a country.


Army in France and in Germany, and he was so frustrated by his treatment at Manzanar he was ready to renounce his citizenship and sail to the old country. They kept floating out there, suspended, as if the horizon had finally become what it always excefpt to be from the shore: When an army captain asked the mob to disperse they stoned him.

Mama knew they were taking all the alien men first to an interrogation center right there on the island.

Excerpt: ‘Farewell to Manzanar’ : NPR

I remember it was Sunday because I was out of school, which meant I could go down manzanat the wharf and watch. He had been trying to organize a Kitchen Workers’ Union and had recently charged the camp’s chief steward, a Caucasian, with stealing sugar and meat from the warehouses to sell on the black market. Kurihara’s group set up microphones and speakers near the cook’s barracks and began a round of crowd-stirring speeches, demanding his release, charging that Tayama manaznar the administration had used this beating to cover up the sugar fraud and saying it was time to get the inus once and for all.

Paperback, pages, Random House, List Price: He had attended military school in Japan until the age of seventeen, and part fareell him never got over that.


He was suddenly a man with no rights who looked exactly like the enemy. No one had ever seen anything like this before. Five hundred Japanese families lived there then, and FBI deputies had been questioning everyone, ransacking houses for anything that could conceivably be used for signaling planes or ships or that indicated loyalty to the Emperor. During the First World War he had served in the U.

In the months before the riot the bells rang often at our mess hall, sending out the calls for public meetings. He burned a lot of papers too, documents, anything that might suggest he still had some connection with Japan. I was too young to witness any of it.

A vigilante party searched the corridors. My mother began to weep. Bantam Books reissue edition. For a while they had the camp to themselves. Now they were hooting “Banzai!

Excerpt: ‘Farewell to Manzanar’

There was no point to it. It was the charge of disloyalty. This instantly cleared manzzanar street, and the riot was over. But I remember the deadly quiet in the camp the morning before it began, that heavy atmosphere threat of something about to burst.

To the FBI every radio owner was a potential saboteur.