Enovia collaboration Platform is a Product Lifecycle management tool Distribution (Approximate) Matrix Query Language (MQL) What is it. mql-triggers-image2v2-small The underpinnings of ENOVIA V6 and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (3DXP) can be quite complex at first glance. You can execute mql command in JSP and JPO. Here is one example. The following function is used to check if a Part is an assembly or not by.

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For this reason, Matrix enables you to use MQL in a script mode. The examples below show their correct usage in MQL. Example Data The easiest way to understand querying historical card information is to see an example. Posted by Prince Bhardwaj at 2: You must be a System Administrator to access vaults.


If you need to know about how to implement this or how to query database on the fly, please feel free to contact with me. This allows people to create reports on cards that are automatically updated when the card properties are updated. Mql Statement may or may not contain clauses.

MQL Statement consists of a keyword, clauses and values. Here is the most comon-used MQl Commands: If you use any of the greater than or lesser than operators with a list property value, the positional ordering of the values is used to compare them.


MQL and TCL Intro

This would create a table of cards that had the same value for the status property as the card this query was used on. As each statement is entered, our matrix processes it.

If you want to sort the records in a descending order, you can use the DESC keyword. However, the card did not exist at the end of July 12,so it is not included in the results.

Where ‘Depend on’ is a card relationship property, this will show the card which the current card depends on. If you use the above MQL to create a chart in an Iteration card type default, then when a new Iteration card is created this chart will refer to the current card created.

This syntax could be useful to disambiguate cards which have the same name, e. When Mingle metadata, e.

User’s Guide – Dassault Systèmes®

This Demo explains how to implement Facebook likes and shares concepts for your website. Here is one example. Ex- add person mohan As soon as you enter the statement, Matrix starts the transaction to define a person named mohan.

Mingle supports a feature to query historical enoviia information. The new ECR creation will help product engineer to create and prepare an ECR within one screen and implmented the foundation of change management – when initiating a change, product engineer need to know the impact of the change!


We can also modify, clearing and deleting vault with the help of modify, clearing and modify statement. The easiest way to understand querying historical card information is to see an example. ECR is used to tell your team members why you want to make a change and which items are affected. Enovia Matrixone provides programming interface to access database through: Some examples of advantages are:.

The only place that we have specifically intended the “AS OF” functionality to work is in the table query macro. The newly introduced date properties will behave the same way. MQL can be used to find cards with certain tags. This allows you to query for a set of cards based on conditions for a related card. Posted eovia Jing at 6: The information in this section is simply an overview of functionality.

Working in script mode has many advantages, particularly when you are first building a database. About Me Jing View my complete profile. Just like SQL, MQL consists of a set of statements that help the administrator set up and test a Matrix database quickly and efficiently.