The measurement system for all stages of machine set-up Easy-Laser® E gives you all the functions for shaft alignment plus the opportunity to check the. Measure and easily correct machinery misalignment with the EASY-LASER® E laser shaft alignment system.

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The display screen has clear graphics that guide you through the measurement process. Using the system you can align sheaves and pulleys with digital precision. All you have to do is define a number of measuring points, in advance or while measuring. Document your data Connect to you computer The display unit is connected eaay the computer via the USB port.

This function allows you to adjust machines in real time with the measuring units positioned anywhere on the shaft. When we talk about simplicity we mean several things, for example, simple to place or mount the measurement equipment on the measurement object, easy to perform the measurement and easy to interpret the measurement result.

Easy-Laser® E710

I accept the terms in the Privacy policy. For parallelism measurement of rolls, rails, overhead tracks, gantries, metal sheet cutters, production lines, etc.

Quite simply, easier to do correctly! Site by Clever Starfish. Alignment work begins with a soft foot check. With electronic inclinometers in both measuring units the system knows exactly how they are positioned.

The Easy Laser E represents a leap forward in entry level laser systems for shaft alignment and can be used in the toughest wasy. Compensation values for the machines are normally supplied by the manufacturers.


The measuring units have large 20 mm [0. With our program for measuring straightness, you can easily measure long shafts, rolls, bearings, bases, machine structures etc. By using clever accessories, you can adapt the systems for your own needs, now and in the future as your measurement esy change. Barcode reader is an accessory.

Manuals | Easy-Laser

The measuring units M and S are easily mounted on each side of the coupling and communicate with the display unit wireless. Accessory Cardan fixture, Part No. We freight to anywhere in Australia and Internationally. Contact us to find out more about the Easy Laser E or any of our other measurement and alignment equipmentor request a quote online.

The software can adjust to machine designs of all types such as those with two pairs of feet, three pairs of feet, and feet in front of the coupling, etc.

Just follow these simple steps: The result can be documented as normal. The program has a clear folder structure, where you drag and drop files from the display unit to the database. Machine shaft alignments Pump shaft alignments Geometric flatness, straightness squareness, measurements Turbine and compressor train alignments.

The values are displayed for both horizontal and vertical direction simultaneously.

E – High end laser shaft alignment | Easy-Laser

You will be able to get the result for both the horizontal and vertical alignment, graphically as well as digitally. If you wish to expand functionality in the future, the software in the display unit can be upgraded via the internet or by connecting a USB memory containing the new software.


Shows centre offset, angular error and shim value at each bolt. An advanced electronic filter function can be used to achieve reliable results even under poor measuring conditions.

With E you can carry out the following: With the standard equipment and completely normal set up on the machine! More languages to follow. Horizontally mounted machines often consist of a pump and a motor, but can also include other types of machines such as gearboxes and compressors.

Measurement results can be checked against pre-defined tolerance tables or values you determine yourself. This allows you to immediately see if the alignment is within the approved parameters, thereby considerably reducing the amount of time spent on alignment.

The display unit is connected to the computer via the USB port. With this measurement system you can perform almost any kind of machine set-up an You can create a user profile where you can save your personal settings.

Carry out the following:. Yes, I would like to subscribe to the Easy-Laser newsletter.

It is also ergonomically designed with easy-to-grip rubber cladding and robust construction. Damalini AB Work Sweden.