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Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DIN () Testing of organic materials; Separation test on fabric plies bonded together. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add. DIN Testing of organic materials; Separation test on fabric plies bonded together.

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The invention relates to aqueous emulsions, to a process for their preparation, to compositions which can be prepared using these aqueous emulsions, to a process for coating organic fibers using such aqueous emulsions, and these emulsions coated textile substrates.

In EP-A describes aqueous emulsions containing addition-crosslinking organopolysiloxanes, which are used for coating fabrics for airbags. However, these dib the disadvantage that the combustion rate in the horizontal burning test according to FMVSS or is too high. Bei den Gruppen mit aliphatischen Mehrfachbindungen handelt es sich vorzugsweise um Vinylgrupppen oder Allylgruppen, wobei Vinylgruppen besonders bevorzugt sind.

The groups having aliphatic multiple bonds, it is preferably Vinylgrupppen or allyl groups, vinyl groups are particularly preferred. Aralkyl groups such as benzyl or phenylethyl.

As examples of substituted hydrocarbon radicals are preferably halogenated radicals such as the 3,3,3-trifluoropropyl, 3-chloropropyl or chlorophenyl radical can be mentioned.

Also cyanoalkyl radicals, such as the cyanoethyl radical, may be included. Radicals having unsaturated aliphatic groups, such as preferably. Bei den genannten Organopolysiloxanen kann es sich um gleiche Mischpolymere oder um Gemische aus verschiedenen Mischpolymeren mit jeweils gleichem Polymerisationsgrad oder verschiedenem Polymerisationsgrad handeln.

In the aforementioned organopolysiloxanes may be identical interpolymers or mixtures of different copolymers each with the same degree of polymerization or different degree of polymerization. Wenn die Diorganopolysiloxane verschiedene Diorganopolysiloxaneinheiten enthalten, kann eine statistische Verteilung oder eine Blockverteilung vorliegen. If the diorganopolysiloxanes contain different diorganopolysiloxane units, a random distribution or a block distribution may be.

The sum of o and p may preferably be between dih, preferably, it ismore preferably, it is It can be used the same or different molecules of the organopolysiloxane 2. In the case of at least 3 Si-bonded hydrogen atoms per molecule, organopolysiloxanes are preferably not saturated with unsatisfied by rin and siloxane Siliciumvalenzen by methyl, ethyl or phenyl. However, it can all be included those as described above as R. Examples of such dn are preferably metallic, finely divided platinum platinumruthenium, rhodium, palladium or iridium.

These metals can also be on solid supports such as silica, alumina or activated carbon, ceramic materials or mixed oxides or mixed hydroxides. Platinum compounds are preferred as catalysts in the novel product.

It can be used catalyst mixtures as well as only one type of the aforementioned catalysts. In the inventive product, such amounts may be used for catalysts that in the case of platinum catalysts, the platinum content in the inventive mixture preferably between 3 and ppm, based on the siloxane content is located. Bevorzugt wird ein Platingehalt von ppm, bezogen auf die eingesetzten Polysiloxane eingesetzt.

Physical testing – Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V.

For the preparation of aqueous emulsions any adhesion promoters can be used. As examples of suitable organosilicon compounds as adhesion promoters 4 are preferably silanes with hydrolyzable radicals, and carbon-silicon bonded vinyl, acryloxy, methacryloxy, epoxy or acid anhydride groups. Bevorzugt wird ein Umsetzungsprodukt aus Vinyltriacetoxysilan und dem Silan der Formel a reaction product of vinyltriacetoxysilane and the silane of formula is preferably verwendet.

Es kann eine Art von Haftungsvermittler verwendet werden aber auch Gemische aus zwei oder mehreren Silanen oder deren Umsetzungsprodukte, bzw.

Physical testing

It can be a kind of adhesion promoters used but also mixtures of two or more silanes or their reaction products or partial or mixed hydrolysates can be used. Dieser Haftungsvermittler wird vorzugsweise in Mengen von 1 bis 5330 Gew. The organosilicon compounds can be produced commercially available products or by conventional in-silicone chemistry methods. The organosilicon compounds may each be one type of such organosilicon compounds as well as a mixture of different organosilicon compounds.


For the preparation of aqueous emulsions which contain the above-mentioned components, any emulsifiers 6 can be used, which are otherwise used for the preparation of organopolysiloxane.

Bevorzugt sind nichtionische Emulgatoren. 35530 Emulgatoren sind vorzugsweise ionische und nichtionische Emulgatoren. Suitable emulsifiers are preferably ionic and nonionic emulsifiers. Examples include sulfonic acid and its salts, which can act as an emulsifier as well as sulfonates, such as sodium lauryl sulfonate, substituted with aliphatic hydrocarbon radicals benzenesulfonates such as sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, substituted with dln hydrocarbon radicals naphthalenesulfonates, Polyethylenglycolsulfonat and lauryl, polyethylene oxide, polypropylene oxide, copolymers of ethylene and propylene oxide, Stearate 5350 phosphates.

The carbon black is preferably carbon black, furnace black or lamp black. The carbon black dispersion can have a solids content of preferably 1 to The primary particle size of the carbon blacks used may be between 10 and nm. The carbon black content is based on silicone solids content is preferably between 1 and 50 wt.

In addition to the previously mentioned ingredients, emulsions according to the invention can preferably contain other ingredients such as fillers, for example, preferably aluminum 53503, aluminum hydroxide, pigments and stabilizers.

Another object of the invention is a method for preparing the aqueous emulsions according to the invention, characterized in that the components 1 are emulsified to 8. In the inventive method the components are: Another object of the invention is a ein for coating textile substrates, characterized in that aqueous emulsions of the invention are applied onto a fabric and cured in the emulsions on textile substrates and a step the coated textile is dried.

In the inventive method, the aqueous emulsions according to the invention can be preferably applied to wet textiles that come directly from a washing or cleaning process. Die Vulkanisation der Silikonbeschichtung und das Trocknen und Schrumpfen der Textilien kann in einem Arbeitsgang erfolgen. The vulcanization of the silicone coating and drying and shrinkage of the textiles can be effected in a single operation.

Another object of the invention is a vulcanizate prepared by using an aqueous emulsion of the invention, which is heated. In order to prevent premature crosslinking, the emulsions of the invention are stored in at least two different components. A component preferably contains the siloxanes with the unsaturated aliphatic groups, another component preferably contains the siloxanes having Si-bonded hydrogen. The corresponding auxiliaries and additives may be included in one or both of the components.

The application of the products of the invention can be carried out in the usual way. The application of the coating material takes place during the washing process or directly after the washing process. The vulcanization is conducted in one operation simultaneously with the drying and shrinking process. In tissues that need to be washed and dried, this is particularly true for synthetic fabric, the composition of the invention can preferably be applied idn to the still wet fabrics immediately after the washing process.

Die Vulkanisation erfolgt zeitgleich mit dem Trocknungsvorgang. The vulcanization is conducted simultaneously with the drying process. This is particularly the case of fabrics used for the production of airbags, desired and particularly advantageous. After application by the above methods, the drying and curing of the coated fabric ein usually carried out in a heating channel, which can be heated by hot air, infrared light, gas burners, heat exchangers or other energy sources.

The residence time cin for the vulcanization depends on the coating weight, the thermal conductivity of the fabric and the heat transfer to the coated textile and may be between 0.

By microwaves, the inventively coated textiles can be dried and cured. The products of the invention can be used for coating or finishing textile materials sin all kinds. It can tissues from all weaves, nonwoven fabrics, knitted fabrics, scrims, knitted fabrics of all common yarns and fibers, natural fibers such as cotton, glass, wool, silk, synthetic fibers such as polyamides, polyesters, rayon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, silk, rayon, cellulose coated become.


The applications of these textiles thus finished are varied. Examples are sportswear, sports goods, such as sails, boat covers or materials for backpacks and tents and protective clothing.

Lab & testing – PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH

Technical applications, such as tarpaulins, conveyor belts, compensators, foldable containers. Particularly advantageously equipped with the inventive products polyamide or polyester fabrics can be used for manufacturing airbags for motor vehicles according to the inventive method. Industrial fabrics usually have to be washed, dried and shrunk, to meet the high demands. Dies trifft insbesondere bei der Verwendung zur Herstellung von Airbags zu.

This is particularly true when used in the manufacture of airbags. All previously known coating processes require a separate coating operation after washing and drying.

According to the inventive method the coating material of the invention can be applied and vulcanized during the drying process directly in or after the washing process. An additional coating operation is no longer necessary. Dies bedeutet eine signifikante Einsparung von Energie, Zeit und Kosten. This means a significant saving of energy, time and money.

For manufacturing airbags often coated fabrics may be used. According to the invention coated fabrics show some technical advantages. The inventive coating provides protection against the hot gases of the propellant charge, yarn to yarn friction that leads to a reduction in tensile strength and is caused by vibrations, can be prevented by an inventive 53503 coating. The inventive coating gives the fabric a better aging resistance and flame resistance. An advantage of the coating process according to the invention that the cost of an additional coating step are saved.

According di the invention an aqueous silicone system is provided which can be applied directly after the washing operation on the still wet tissue and vulcanized during the drying process.

Cin coating system according to the invention is an aqueous silicone coating system which has exactly the right for an air bag of properties after vulcanization. The procedure described in Example 1 is repeated, with the difference that no carbon black is used.

Es wird ein Gewebe mit folgenden Eigenschaften erhalten: This gives a fabric with the following properties: The procedure described in Example 1 is repeated, contains, with the difference that the formulation described in Example 1 by weight in place of lampblack g of an aqueous dispersion of furnace carbon black having a solids content of Beschichtet wurde ein dtex Gewebe.

The procedure described in Example 3 was repeated, with the difference that no carbon black dispersion is added. Kind code of ref document: Aqueous emulsions based on addition-crosslinked silicone systems, containing carbon black as a further component.

Independent claims are also included for: Bevorzugt wird ein Umsetzungsprodukt aus Vinyltriacetoxysilan und dem Silan der Formel a reaction product of vinyltriacetoxysilane and the silane of formula is preferably. A process for preparing aqueous emulsions according to one or more of claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the ingredients are emulsified Vulcanizate produced to 4 or produced according to claim 5, by the emulsion is heated using an aqueous emulsion according to one or more of Claims.

Process for coating textile substrates, characterized in that aqueous emulsions are applied to one or more of claims 1 to 4 or obtainable by the method of claim 5 onto a fabric and cured, the emulsions in a step on textile substrates and the coated fabric dried becomes.

Coated textile substrates characterized in that textile substrates with emulsions according to one or more of claims 1 to 4 or produced are coated according to claim. Coated textile substrate, characterized in that the textile substrate is an airbag material. DE DEA1 en Textile products and silicone-based copolymeric coating compositions for textile products.