Denis Azabagic – Competitions. . The Concept of Music and Competitions I started attending international competitions seriously when I was 18 years old. One of the most stressful situations that a music student (or any performer) encounters during their studies is the day, the hour or the moment of the performance. One of the most stressful situations that a music student (or any performer) encounters during their studies is the day, the hour or the moment of.

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I like to read a book, or watch something interesting on TV, take a walk, or play some video game not too much though because you can make your fingers tired or even hurt them. What I mean is that I do not like to have the piece prepared and ready just before the competition starts. I took as examples singers and guitarists to try to make my point on this issue; similar examples, however, could be given with other instruments and styles of music in which those instruments are involved.

The picture I visualize in my head is the same picture that I see when I play and observe my left hand. One of the most stressful situations that a music student or any performer encounters during their studies is the day, the hour or the moment of the performance. Self doubt is part of all of us and enclosed are ways to control it, not to eliminate it.

First of com;etitions, I think that it is not possible to compare certain things, like the music of Bach and Mozart! In the beginning it can be a struggle to get ourselves away from where we physically are and. Functional Anatomy and Physiomechanics Author: It gives the competitor a chance to get feedback on his or her playing.

I visualize the motions of my left-hand fingers from the beginning of the piece to the end. The point of playing is to enjoy ourself, and a smiling face is definitely a reflection of enjoyment. These are exactly the same places we want to go to when we are on the stage performing in front of an audience. I felt better with the performance of a certain piece on one day than on another.


Denis Azabagic – Competitions. Dealing With Performance Stress – [PDF Document]

The gift alone however is not enough. You are connected as. Thank you for posting a question! Would you recommend competitions to young guitarists with ambitions. We are dedicated to providing the best in all styles of competktions performance, acoustic instruments such as banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, harp, harmonica, compettiions, tinwhistle, and fiddle, as well as keyboard, wind and percussion instruments. Om I mean is that actors, singers, and dancers are all performers as well and with that in mind every performance contains an element of acting.

I participated in that competition as a one of the six finalists chosen from a tape round. I was really happy knowing that this was not a guitar competition, but rather a music competition. Find the training resources you need for all your activities. I think we all have imagination, some more competotions some less, but the object is to reveal one’s imagination and feelings.

Let me say that competitions are not the only way to establish yourself as copetitions performer, but they comptitions help. On the other hand if a player is musical and his or her technique is not good enough, the music will suffer. It is one thing to play solo, but another thing to play with at least 30 other instruments which are all more powerful than guitar in terms of volume, not to mention tutti segments!

When my spirit quivered she gave me strength. Our tradition of quality music, carefully arranged and edited for maximum ease in learning, has received international acclaim. Another thing I remember about the tour was experiencing different accommodations. I remember that the ARD Competition in Munich, Germany in was one of the most difficult for me in terms of the required program. I played very deins, and shared 2nd prize with a cellist. So don’t think that it is enough to simply play well, or that we can choose any piece we want to play in competition.

So, as I said, my touring started in October, and I really enjoyed it. Even if one does not win, playing in the competition is an opportunity where other people who can later help our career can notice us.

For example, if you do too many things the day of a try-out, you will probably be tired and not in optimal condition to perform. I remember once a judge told me that I play very well but too soft, that I cannot play just for myself but it has to be for the audience. Injustices don’t only occur in competitions, but in life as well.


You just go on to the next competition. Reto Vivienda Ecosostenible After reviewing the required pieces, competitionx selection of free repertoire is extremely important. Remember, stage appearance is very, very important, cmopetitions take care of it.

Denis Azabagic – Competitions. Dealing With Performance Stress

The storyteller takes written material, which he first has to read the same as a musician has to read a music score. Having this in mind, then, we can approach choosing a competition with different criteria than mine. Download on competitions sheet music by denis azabagic. Throughout history, there have been many genius composers, and it is impossible to pick the best. What about the jury members who have students competing in the same event? This is a very beautiful piece written in the form of a dialogue between guitar and orchestra, where there are a lot of solo guitar sections followed by orchestra section.

Being nervous in the face of an impending competition or performance makes us doubt very easily, and it could happen that we might practice too much. Beside the prizes that consist of cash, CD recording contracts, or concerts, there is something that we all think of, and that is a prestige.

Get the extra files for your Mel Bay book by clicking the “Download Extras” button below. Azabagic has recorded seven cds for international labels such as naxos, cedille, opera tres and orobroy as well as two dvds for mel bay. It is still empty. When I won the “Manufacturas Alhambra” competition in Alcoy, Spain, the first prize was excellent and the 2nd and 3rd prize were not very significant.

It is not an easy thing to do, but we should keep all the problems with nerves and such to ourselves.