Darindo Ki Basti, Imran Series by Ibne Safi (Urdu Novel) – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Darindo Ki Basti. Short Darindon Ki Basti (). Short, Music | Video 16 December · Add a Plot» Baaghi 2 · Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety () · Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. It looks like we don’t have photos for this title yet. You can browse other available content for this title, such as plot summary, trivia, goofs, etc. at Darindon Ki.

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He knows the identity of X-2 and in Imran’s absence plays the role of the chief to the rest of the secret service members. Draindon ordered Imran to leave the house, stating that he can’t allow kj to live with them. However, when Imran joins the Secret Service, Juliana gets so impressed by his qualities that she falls for him instead.

It is an ironic fact that although Imran always argues and talks back to his peers, his favourite fieldworker is one who listens and obeys.

Her love for Imran often comes in way of her duties, for which she gets scolded by X He also was the intelligent member of secret service. Skip to content Advertisement.

This spook is codenamed “Black Zero” and his existence is hidden form the other members. The third and final of the Humbug series, Daerh Matwaalaywas written after his recovery. Previously in military intelligence, he is more fond of direct action and is correctly called “D-Agent”.

Jameson is very fond of Urdu classical literature and tries to speak the same language.

Imran series characters – Wikipedia

His primary weakness is that he lacks patience and is very much emotional. Fayyaz is not a very intelligent officer, but with the help of Imran he is able to solve numerous cases, resulting in his promotions and he rises to the position of superintendent. Roshee is one dagindon the only few people who know about Imran as the Chief of the Secret Service. Safdar Saeed is the most prominent, respectful, and loyal agent after Black Zero, and Imran relies heavily on him.


His servant Jumman now known as Jameson was also expelled. He has, on many occasions, either received warnings or punishment from X-2 for his negligence on duty. Search for ” Darindon Ki Basti ” on Amazon.

He is the person in the group who is as smart as Ali Imran and he also thinks in the same way.

Whenever he faces difficulties, he consults Imran. His philosophy was that whoever could knock him out; he would willingly work for the person for the rest of his life, considering that person his Boss. They usually laugh him off and sneer at him, but as X-2, they really dread him. We are not hosting torrents, we are giving alternative download links through torrent for ease. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.

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Black Zero is the most favourite subordinate of X-2 Earindonbut none of the members of Secret Service know about his true identity. However, the need for a Black Zero remained and Imran appoints Tahir for the job. She is a beautiful Swiss girl, who was much take with her Chief, X-2 in the early days when Imran had not yet joined the Secret Services.

When he returned back, his uncle did not appreciate his modern ideas and asked him to leave the home. Now Sing is working for Zeroland.

Imran has perfected the art of dodging bullets. Safdar is also the only field agent, apart from Imranwho does bxsti have a crush on Juliana Fitzwater. Besides all these facts he still remains Imran ‘s good friend and respects his ability of detecting the villain in the end.


Secret Service members (Imran series)

Ibne Safi has kj many novels based around the character of Theresia or T3B. She again was created by Mazhar Kaleem. T3B first appears in Kaalay Charaagh. This in accordance with ” Mazhar Kaleem ‘s Imran Series “; in Ibne Safi’s novels, these four were ordinary members of secret service like others.

He also acts as personal body guard darinndon Prince of Dhump, an alias of Imran. Previously in military intelligence, he is more fond of direct action. His jealousy with Imran often gets in the way of his duty. Top Rated Indian Movies. Ali Imran is a pivotal character in Imran Series. The other two personalities Imran assumes now and then are the Prince of Dhump, a warlord of a fictitious state known as Dhump, oi Rana Tahavvar Al Sandooqui, a wealthy landlord and businessman.

Safdar Saeed is Imran’s favourite spook. He is the administrator of the Secret Service, and one ku the few characters who can identify Imran as X Ibne Safi had written the first two novels of this storyline, Dilchasp Hadisaa and Bay-Awaaz Sayyarahwhen he fell sick for three years.

Tanveer Ashraf He is the only member of secret service who has jealousy with Imran. To permanently remove their suspicions he decides to appoint another member into the Secret Service. Daridon and without any application Ji here to read it online on Fast server. He usually dresses eccentrically; for example, a pink coat, a light green shirt, a yellow necktie, white pants, and a purple flat hat with a red rose in it is his typical apparel.