Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s fourteen and studying for. With a series of breakneck twists and turns, Jinks’s (the Pagan Chronicles) latest novel follows Cadel Piggott, a seven-year-old Australian boy. Evil Genius, then, is not a children’s book like Dahl’s Matilda, but a coming-of-age young adult (YA) book. Author Catherine Jinks is adept at working with this.

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An engrossing thriller with darkness and humor, freaks and geeks, Evil Genius explores the fine line between good and evil in a strange world of manipulations and subterfuge where nothing is as it seems. I am forever grateful. Looking for More Great Reads? After fishing around catherkne Max’s emails, Cadel decides that Max is a little paranoid and a loner.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The main character in Evil Genius is a young boy cayherine Cadel Piggot. But thanks anyway — I really do appreciate your appreciation.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of the series, and that, instead of becoming a computer hacker, evi, become a person who fights computer hacking, like my friend Richard Buckland, who appears in book three!

But it never fails to engross me. The “Pagan” series is probably one of the best too little appreciated historical f Few pleasures are quite as sublime as reading a book, enjoying it, and only afterwards realizing that you’re familiar with the author.


Sep 04, Noelle rated it it was amazing. Clean and simple, but elegant. I read quickly as possible- forgetting i was reading and more like i was watching-when The police stormed into Cadels house. It works well for it, and creates an interesting and layered view of Cadel as a character.

Hmmm … I liked reading and drawing. It will always have a place in my heart. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Initially, it gennius that this will be a crime novel with a twist — the protagonist is the criminal, not the detective. She has garnered many awards, including the… More about Catherine Jinks.

Evil Genius

Fortunately for Cadel, the psychologist is Dr. That said, I’m frantic to read the next in the series. Sometimes the plot bordered on cartoonish with Darkkon’s evil villain motives, and some of the characters’ abilities, but it was usually saved by an acknowledgment of the bizarreness of it all, and in Darkkon’s case, by Thaddeus Roth.

This theoretically springs from an online relationship he builds under false pretenses as well as the mysterious deaths of his classmates, but it feels rather arbitrary and inorganic to the story. Jinks really allowed you inside his head.

Put them together in just the right order and watch as it becomes easy to distinguish the fantastic authors from the mundane pack. They articulate a powerful urge to remake society, which is present in much YA fiction.


But I don’t think so. To view it, click ninks. A facade of higher education, its chemistry classes are all about poisons, art classes are about forgery, and the computer classes all about hacking. A lot had changed in a year, and at first it was hard to reconnect, but then we went on a trip to the local Chapters and he bought me the recently released third book in the series, Genius Wars, and we were able once again to bond over the book series and re-establish our friendship to where it had been.

Cadel is a genius, who at the age of 7 is sent to the office of Thaddeus Roth.

Evil Genius (novel) – Wikipedia

I still think of Cadel once in a while. Bored out of his skull, Cadel quite naturally gets into some mischief in this case some computer hackingby causing mass transit and such. Putting together the plans for a computer phone is something that would seem impossible for a seven year old boy to do.

On the subject of the book, however — thank you so much for spreading the word! Evjl Piggott is far from an ordinary boy.