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National forewordThis British Standard is the UK implementation of EN It supersedes BS EN which is withdrawn. BS EN ‑, BS EN ‑ and BS EN ‑, which are Supersedes EN , EN BS EN April Bright steel products. Technical delivery conditions. General. Historical Version.

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Users are responsible for its correct application. Compliance with a British Standard cannot confer immunity from legal obligations. It supersedes BS EN A list of organizations represented on this committee dn be obtained on request to its 1027-1. Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such nationalstandards may be obtained on application to the CEN Management Centre or to any CEN member. A version in 10727-1 other language made by translationunder the responsibility of a CEN member into its own language and notified to the CEN Management Enn has the same status as theofficial versions.

Eworldwide for CEN national Members. This European Standard shall be given the status of a national standard, either by publication of an identical text or by endorsement, at the latest by Septemberand conflicting national standards shall be withdrawn at the latest by September 1027-1 is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent rights.

This document supersedes EN Steels for general engineering purposes; Part 3: Free-cutting steels; Part 4: Case hardening steels; Part 5: Steels for quenching and tempering. During the preparation of the first edition of this European Standard there were not enough statistical data available concerning mechanical properties of bright bar products. Since then it has been recognized that the proof strength values in the cold drawn condition were too high. In addition, cyclic stresses that occur during straightening can reduce the proof strength Bauschinger’s effectwhich was not taken into account when drafting the first edition of this standard.

It does not cover cold rolled products and cut lengths produced from strip or sheet by cutting. In special cases variations in these technical delivery requirements or additions to them may form the subject of an agreement at the time of enquiry and order bz Annex B.

In addition to the specifications of this European Standard, the general technical delivery requirements of EN are applicable, unless otherwise specified. For dated references, only the edition cited applies.

ENMetallic materials – Tensile testing – Part 1: Method of test at ambient temperature EN Steel names ENDesignation systems for steels 100277-1 Part 2: Technical delivery conditions for non alloy steels ENSteels for quenching and tempering — Part 3: Steels for general engineering purposes 4 Licensed copy: Test method ISO In particular the following definitions are reproduced 3. In addition, the process causes cold working of the product, which can be eliminated by subsequent heat treatment.

Products in lengths are delivered straightened regardless of size. The removal of metal is carried out in such a way that the bright product is generally eh from rolling defects and surface decarburization. NOTE 2 For technical reasons some bars ordered as hot rolled een may be 1027-71 roughly turned peelednevertheless such products are treated as hot rolled products and not as bright products.

Whatever the actual shape and dimensions of the cross section of the product, the size of its ruling section is expressed as a diameter. EN ; f steel name or dn number see 4. EN to EN In such cases a deviation of the cast analysis with respect to the values indicated in Table 1 of EN and EN is admissible taking into account footnote b of those tables.


The purchaser may specify at the time of enquiry and order that the chemical composition on product analysis shall be verified. In this case reference should be made to B. Case hardening steels according to EN and alloy steels for quenching and tempering according to Bd shall be supplied with fine grain, unless otherwise agreed at the time of enquiry and order.

Where specified by the purchaser at the time of enquiry and order, verification of fine grain size shall sb in accordance with B.

BS EN 10277:2018

If agreed at the time of enquiry and order macroscopic inclusions of case hardening steels and of 10277-11 for quenching and tempering see EN and EN shall to be verified in accordance with B. Products in the final heat treated condition shall be free from loose surface scale; their surface might be discoloured or darker.

For hexagons, squares, flats and profiles with special cross sections one cannot achieve — for manufacturing reasons — the same quality of surface finish as for round cross sections. Since surface discontinuities cracks, overlapping, scale, isolated pores, pits, grooves, etc. The surface quality of the products shall be one of the classes according to Table 1.

Cold drawn products are normally delivered in class 1, while turned and peeled bars as 1027-1 as ground bars are delivered in 1027-1 3. Different classes may be agreed at the time of enquiry and order.

For flats, squares in sizes greater than 20 mm and hexagons in sizes greater than 50 mm, the maximum possible depth of surface discontinuities shall be agreed at the time of enquiry and order. NOTE Where automatic testing of the surface is applied, 50 mm of each end of the bar is not normally covered. Surface defects cannot be eliminated without removal of material.

The requirements and the kind of verification are to be agreed at the time of enquiry and order.

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The purchaser shall indicate the type of inspection document required. In addition, the inspection certificate shall include the following information: Where specified by the purchaser at the time of enquiry and order, special marking of the steel product shall be in accordance with B. NOTE It is recommended that subsequent processes maintain traceability. Products with different thickness may be grouped if the differences in thickness do not affect the properties.

NOTE For this purpose, the following procedure may serve as a guideline. The product is hardened in accordance with usual practice. It is then cut so that the hardness and structure at the position of the ruling section provided for taking test pieces can be determined. From another product of the type under consideration and of the same cast, an end quench test piece is taken from the prescribed position and tested in the usual way.

Then the distance is determined at which the end quench test piece shows the same hardness and structure as the ruling section at the position provided for taking test pieces. On the basis of this distance the diameter of the ruling section is then estimated using Figure A.

BS EN Bright steel products. Technical delivery conditions

SAE Jc 15 Licensed copy: The details of these options may be agreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser at the time of enquiry and order if necessary. For bars the quenched and tempered sample shall have the same cross section as the product under consideration. For other product forms the dimensions and preparation of the sample shall be agreed at the time of enquiry and order taking into consideration, where appropriate, the method for determining the diameter of the ruling section in accordance with Annex A.

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The samples shall be quenched and tempered as agreed at the time of the enquiry or order. Details of the heat treatment shall be reported in the inspection document see 8. Samples for the production of test pieces shall be taken from the product in accordance with EN ISO If specific testing is ordered see 7. If the grain size requirements are verified micrographically sampling and sample preparation shall be as specified in EN ISO and one test piece per cast shall be inspected.

For case hardening steels the fine grain structure is normally achieved, when the total aluminium content is min. In such case the micrographic investigation is not necessary. The aluminium content shall be given in the inspection document. Steels for quenching and tempering shall be tested by determination of the aluminium content or micrographically.

In the first case, the aluminium content shall be agreed. Non-metallic inclusions and their acceptable levels shall be agreed at the time of enquiry and order. For non-metallic inclusion content for case hardening steels see ENA. If verification is required then the method and acceptance limits shall be agreed at the time of enquiry and order. The depth of decarburization shall be determined in accordance with the micrographic method specified in EN ISO Where a special protective medium is required it shall be agreed at the time of enquiry and order.

Bases of tolerances, deviations and fits 18 Licensed copy: It presents the UK view on standards in Europe and at the international level. It is incorporated by Royal Charter. RevisionsBritish Standards are updated by amendment or revision. Users of British Standards should make sure that they possess the latest amendments or editions.

It is 10727-1 constant aim of BSI to improve the quality of our products and services. We would be grateful if anyone finding an inaccuracy or ambiguity while using this British Standard b inform the Secretary of the technical committee responsible, the identity of which can be found on the inside front cover.

BSI offers members an individual updating service called PLUS 1027-1 ensures that subscribers automatically receive bw latest editions of standards. Buying standardsOrders for all BSI, international and foreign standards publications should be addressed to Customer Services. Standards are also available from the BSI website at http: In response to orders for international standards, it is BSI policy to supply the BSI implementation of those that have been published as British Standards, unless otherwise requested.

Information on standardsBSI provides a wide range of information on national, European and international standards through its Library and its Technical Help to Exporters Service. Various BSI electronic information services are also available which give details on all its products and services.

Contact the Information Centre. Een members of BSI are kept up to date with standards developments and receive substantial discounts on the purchase price of standards. For details of these and other benefits contact Membership Administration. Information regarding online access to British Standards via British Standards Online can be found at http: CopyrightCopyright subsists in all BSI publications.