BPT VLS/ relay can be used to control auxiliary devices such as alarms, stairway lighting, additional bell system. It is housed in a protective casing with an . Bpt VLS/ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bpt VLS/ Instruction Manual, Installation Instructions. BPT VLS/ BPTVLS BPT access control interface relay. AC/DC 10 to 24 volt. New, unused tested stock in original box with instructions. £ BPT.

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A s A sear earch ch win window dow can be used to locate a user if necessary, vks the cal call i l is t s then hen pl laced. Access control Using one or more gateways, all the access control functions can be added to the system and synchronized between all the blocks to create a sing ngle le sys system tem.

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Plastic hou housin ing g, for installation in electrical cal control panels EN Fully co ompl mplian iant t with CEI -6 1011 l late ate atest st amendment. Minimum cable curvature mm. Bot duration of the call tone is programmable; when the programmed time has elapsed, the system is deactivated and the monitor switches off. DIP-switches for adjustment of the line impedan dance.

The switch hb board rd ope operat rator l always maintains full co c ntrol of the status of f f the the th th syste em a m a m and nd can can can c pe pe perfo rfo rform rm rm th the the fo follo llo llowin win wing f g f g fu unctions ns sim simply ply by by to touch uching ing th the s e creen: The new packaging has enabled us to reduce the emission into the atmosphere of harmful substances as well as prevent wastage of valuable resources.

Grado di protezione IP When prog rog rog gra ram ram rammin gls h g has as be bee bee en c n comp omp mplet let leted, af after ter r r r 30 30 30 30 m mi mi minut nutes s e the the s sy syste stem r m r m r retu e rns rns rns to normal operating ng mode a auto utomat matica ically without any any fu furth rther e interv erv ervent en en ion by by th th h he i e i e i e inst st n all alling ing ing ng te te technician.


Absorption 20 mA max. Incoming call signal during a conversation between receivers in the same apartment A call from an entry panel to an receiver which is already engaged in an intercom call with another receiver in the same apartment will generate a “beep”.


The appliances described in this catalogue are all designed for civilian applications. Twisted pair, 70mm twist pitch. Local command for door lock, inputs for door lock release b but utton, door status signalling devices, output connector for activation of external cameras.

Simple and easily-acc ce es ssible adjustment The microphone and louds udspeaker audio signal and the solenoid lock can be adjusted very simp ply ly b by removing the rear panel — no need to access the electronic comp mpo onents. Fitted with terminals for connection of the device power supply modules. B Balanc ced ed ed e vid d de eo eo signal distributor for distribution or concentration of cable transmi missi ssion o lines.

Tinned copper wires, colour: Can be used with any entry panel and with the supplementary pushbutton panel DP0. When this button is activated, the receiver emits a call tone which is different from that which sounds when a call is made from an entry panel; the monitor, however, does not switch on. Local comm mmand for for do doo or lock, inp inpu uts fo for d r doo oor lo lock ck rel releas ease e buttons, door status sig i nalling d g devi ev vpt ces, ooutp utput connector for a r activat tion ion of of e external al c camer ras.

What s more, it enables the user to manage a list of missed calls, choose from favorite contacts, and run a dynamic search of the users and porters present in the XIP system. Call from stair-landing A receiver or interconnected group of receivers can also be connected to 10 dedicated entry panel which is not connected to the other receivers on the riser. RAL ye yell llow. This way you are recovered enough to safely complete your journey without risking damaging the blt and surrounding area.


RAL yello low w.

Rec Re ess sse ed ins instal tall lat lation ion, thickne ess ss 2 m mm m. Up to 8 intercom menus as standard for video and up to 2 intercom menus for audio receiver.

Dim Bph ension ons s: Equipped with the intercom facility without additional power supply. Jumper for access to programming of access control devices cards and keys. T Th he video eo cam ameras can n be e e c co connected ted to to the syst stem em pow we er er s sup supply modu dules s o or directly ly t to t th the gatew teways ays via d dedi edicat cated sel elect ector ors.

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Calaméo – BPT videocitofonia eng

This means that all the processes carried out by the company are closely supervised and controlled in order to guarantee the maximum possible efficiency and effectiveness in terms of the quality of our products and services. Surface parametree parametrisation cartesienne o m surface image. USB cable, length 4. An ny y of the receivers in our vl may be selected for the apartments. Dodd research center for their social enterprise and entrepreneurship conference.

Purchased separately the second receiver. We serve our members by providing professional education, tools for success, information resources and local social activities. In this case, the door lock must b be e powered separately.