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Views Read Edit View history. If you really want brand names then these are ones reported to be good: He told me about the show they would put on, and I think the big reason some audiophiles do not like them, is that they trick you, by starting the show with a whole bunch of high end speakers setup and music playing, the lead you to believe that the sound you are hearing is coming from the large speakers.

Bose Wave Radio Am/fm Model Awrw Clock/alarm Black | eBay

I tried to post a pic of the board to show how clean it was, but couldn’t figure out how to upload it. I started with the 10uf 16v caps, I replaced them with 16v, 35v, or 50v since bpse is what I had. And, I remember your comment about these radios being on all the time very strange.

Also I would recommend starting a new thread, it will be less confusing to people who will want to help. You can hear them just fine on the wave radio, as to the low end, sure it’s never going to have bode Bass to play hip hop, rap, or dubstep, but who listens to that anyways?


Bose Wave System – Wikipedia

It’s missing the remote, battery cover, and the AM antenna, although I have both of these from another one of these I have. Make sure to clean the green plastic lens as it awwr1-1w usually be filthy. You will then be able to remove the front cover. I will be swapping the one by my bed for this one aw1-1w this one does not make a POP sound when the alarm goes off, or the radio un-mutes.

How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWR1-1W System

I would replace them all anyways, if the unit was plugged in for most of its life then it has been running for almost 20 years. You may also like. Of course, caps can short inside and not leak – at least, that’s what I understand.

In a bose wave radio looking from the front the left speaker is the left channel and the woofer, the right speaker is the right channel and the “twiddler”, although there is not much separation, if you sit in front of one close enough you can hear the separation. May Sat 23, 1: I know they’re electrolytic and their values you posted that – thank you.

Here is the back side of the board. Take your time, replace the caps, double check the cap polarity, then test the unit, if there is still a buzz then replace the chip. If you want to get fancy you can order electrolytics that can handle ?? This one showed no sign of leakage and I didn’t smell any fishy odor while working on it.

The system acts as a computer’s sound card, therefore it disables the PC’s speakers. Feb Wed 17, 2: I listen to the radio at night before going to sleep. Subtract the year you found in “Step 1” and “Step 2” from the current year. At low volume all you get is muffled bass. One of the downsides is that the radio is always drawing 30W of power when plugged in, even if it has been turned OFF.


It works just fine. Furthermore, its high purchase price was a bosd factor to its limited success. Once the ar1-1w and equalizer are removed, disconnect the battery connectors from the box to the board, they are just pressed in place. The next step is to recap the display board. It was released in and based on the Wave Radio design. The hose mostly do not matter.

Bose Wave System

Video of the Day. Also included was a new remote control, which was now thicker and smaller than before, yet replaced the tactile “bubble switches” with a more durable rubberized keypad.

awr1-1s Although bass is represented, I do hear all the other instruments in the orchestra. People who bought this also bought. The most recent year in the copyright information sometimes, for example, this information will say “Copyright ,” with being the most recent year will be the year in which your Bose AWRW was manufactured.