#31 Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey () 54 points. It’s hard to pick a favorite McCloskey, but I think of this one every time I pick. What happens when Sal and her mother meet a mother bear and her cub? A Caldecott Honor Book! Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk! Sal and her mother a picking. Full text of “BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL – ENG – ROBERT MCCLOSKEY”. See other formats. ONE day, Little Sal went with her mother to Blueberry Hill to pick.

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Top 100 Picture Books #31: Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Little Sal’s mother is picking blueberriex to can for winter; Little Bear’s mother is eating blueberries–and encouraging Little Bear to eat blueberries–so they can save up lots of fat for hibernating that winter. Her mother walked slowly through the bushes, picking blueberries as she went and putting them in her pail.

First of all, Sal looks like my most vivid memories of my sister when she was that age, so I love her. Little Sal brought along her small tin pail and her mother brought her large tin pail to put berries in. Yes, it is a bit old fashioned in some ways, but it made me and Alena smile.

Anyone who has ever picked berries in the wild will relate to this little larger-than-life adventure.

Trivia About Blueberries for Sal. Blueberriss takes the mothers several minutes to realize they’re being followed by the wrong child; it isn’t until the bear cub tries to eat from Sal’s mother’s bucket and the mother bear hears the “ku-plink, ku-plank, ku-plunk” sound of Sal dropping blueberries into her tin pail that they realize what happened. In the book, there’s no bloodshed of courseand the resolution is cute, though somewhat unrealistic.


I managed to make it through childhood without reading Blueberries for Sal, so I don’t have any fond memories to make it seem delightful now. One of my favorites as a child. Return to top of page. Jan 28, Becky rated it it was amazing Shelves: About Robert McCloskey Robert McCloskey wrote and illustrated some mcclpskey the most honored and enduring children’s books ever published.

Brooke and Amy have already pinpointed the two major reasons why: The drawings were made in the late ‘s ,blueberry blue, but are absolutely timeless. How can you spend a whole day picking blueberries and never think about anything other t I managed to make it through childhood without reading Blueberries for Sal, so I don’t have any fond memories to make it seem delightful now.

Our customer reviews Fantastic story about how a bear cub and a human child end up seperated from their mothers and instead, end up with the other mother and then reunited with their own mothers.

Nowadays the patches are picked over early by commercial teams. It’s a solid story and I see it on many lists. Sal and her mother a picking blueberries to can for the winter. One sees in this opening picture Sal entertaining herself by placing the canning rings on her wrist and a spoon, a simple childlike act which helps to set the stage for Sal’s obvious child actions throughout the books.

This is a realistic, fictional story about Little Sal and her mother picking blueberries on Blueberry Hill, in order to can them for winter.

Blueberries for Sal

Sal ends up with the wrong mother! On Blueberry Hill, there’s a bit of a mix-up, and Sal ends up following a mama bear while the little bear ends up following Sal’s mother! People are still gathering berries and making jam, especially in an economic downturn. They’re just fingernails on my personal blackboard. Think about dismantling the patriarchy or the Marshall Plan or independence for Burma.


She reached down inside blyeberries get her berry back. Coincidentally, another mother-and-child duo has the same problem at the same time Little Sal and Little Bear mix up their mothers on Blueberry Hill and we loved mccloskeu plink, plank plunk of the blueberries into the pail.

She knew just what made that kind of a noise! Feb 06, 9 Minutes years Buy. Just perfect and charming, still and always. Oh and when a bear comes, doesn’t rush to find her child, but just casually looks for him? Apr 21, Ronyell rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are many sound effects that the reader can emphasize to the delight of the blueberriea.

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Sep 28, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 15, Kritika Swarup rated it really blyeberries it. Terrific book for either young reader or old too or to read to your children, as I did. Jul 10, Steve Holden rated it really liked it.

On the other side of Blueberry Hill, Little Bear came with his mother to eat blueberries.