Blood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin, book 2) by Amanda Bonilla – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Blood Before Sunrise book by Amanda Bonilla. “She needed a bargaining chip and this was it. Raif’s daughter’s life for hers. And he knew. REVIEW: Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda Bonilla. If you love Urban Fantasy, then this series deserves a spot in your immediate to-be-read.

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Raif shook his head. Cryptic enough for you ; — go read the book! Most of you know that the first Shaede Assassin book, Shaedes of Graywas one of my favorite premier UF books ofso I was chomping at the bit to get my eyeballs on the second book in the series, Blood Before Sunrise.

Darian is determined to reunite Raif and the daughter he thought was dead, but her mission quickly proves aamanda when her lover, Tyler, is almost killed.

Blood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin, #2) by Amanda Bonilla

Putting this one on my keeper shelf. The Man from The Ring is strong. Can’t wait for the next book in the series!!

Here’s another example of blood awkward plot manipulations: Reading some books is like taking a ride in a roller coaster of emotions.

I liked the feeling of being real, substantial, and not just a whisper of something too foreign for even preternatural creatures to comprehend.

Fang-tastic Fiction: Amanda Bonilla: SHAEDE ASSASSIN SERIES

The Oracle gets placed aamanda the custody of supernatural law enforcement, forcing Darian to make an unsavory alliance to get access to her bevore. Darian’s commitment to her friendship with Raif is admirable and her love for Tyler is limitless but when the two men in her life end up at odds all hell breaks lose.


March is so far away. She just learned there were other supernatural creatures in the world a few months ago and now she thinks she can Darian is possibly the dumbest female mc ever. For me this entire book is so character driven, although there is plenty of action scenes, and when you finally find out what is really going on you realize the stakes are pretty highbut mostly it’s so about the characters. My daughter is dead. I look forward to the third book in this series, Crave The Darkness, set to release March 5, At the end of the book I really felt like the whole theme was about love, and so many different kinds of love are included in this book.

It never took much for Ty to break down my defenses, and the thought of spending the rest of the night naked and twined around his magnificent body beat the hell out of standing on the cold, rain-drenched street for another second.

Blood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin #2)

We understand that this relation will also be complicated between an overprotective Tyler and a shaede a little too independent for her own good. No trivia or quizzes yet. Set in Seattle, this noir and Machiavellian Urban Fantasy will have you clinging to the edge of your seat.

Bonilla will answer some of my questions in future books. The story picks up several months after the conclusion of “Shaedes of Gray” with Darian and crew searching high and low for Delilah, the oracle who has information on the whereabouts of Rafe’s daughter and who tried to overthrow the Shaede nation in her desire for revenge.


Her lover keeps her wel Originally posted at bonllla From the look of it—not to mention the stale smell—no one had used the space for a while. If your a fan of urban fantasy, with a kick-ass heroine, gorgeous Alpha men, passionate relationships and world building that leaves you mesmerized, then this is the snurise for you.

Blood Before Sunrise delivers a one-of-a-kind story with as many highs as there are lows; in other words, it’ll rock your world!

Blood Before Sunrise

The author has created compelling characters, a great storyworld and gives us an edge-of-you-seat reading experience. Once he plucked me from obscurity, there was no going back.

Together with Raif and Bllood men, they are searching for the If you are a fan of Urban Fantasy and you have not tried the Shaede Assassin books, you are really missing out. I’m a huge fan of the intoxicatingly sexy Raif and I find myself reveling in the sibling like relationship between Raif and Darian.

The journey that Darian goes on in this book not an easy one and it will twist with your heart strings over and over again.

Tyler becomes extremely jealous of Darian’s relationship with Raif and his brother, Xander, the High King. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.