Read the entire series of Jolie Wilkins, Dulcie O’Neil, Lily Harper, and Bryn and Sinjin. Looking for a vampire and fantasy romance series that’ll keep you on your toes? Start reading Jolie Wilkins series, a paranormal romance series about a witch. Stand Alone or Series: 3rd book in the Jolie Wilkins series. Source: Novella Review – Bewitched (Jolie Wilkins, Book ) by H.P. Mallory (4/5.

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Some of the twists were predictable, but they were entertaining none the less. There is a great sneak peek into the next book. You’ll want to get book 3 Witchful Thinking as soon as you wil,ins finished so that you can find out what happens next.

Miss Frost Ices The Imp. One that was thrilling to the very end and I closed the book impatiently eager for book three. Eating Bees in Bed.

The Pain he went through. The dialogue is natural and witty and the characters are well-developed early on. It seemed like this book was all fluff, full of angst and sex but really pointless.

Toil and Trouble (Jolie Wilkins, #2) by H.P. Mallory

bewithed Th The underworld in civil war. Jan 25, Jaimie rated it liked it Shelves: Toil and Trouble picks up where the last book left off and straight away I saw a difference.


She had wanted the faery kingdom to ally themselves with Rand to battle the wicked witch of the westBella. How he interacts with Sinjin when Jolie is not around, his true feelings for her which we all really knew but are so hard for him to voice to her, I could go on for ages I loved every minute of it. Some really funny lines in this one: When you read a series, and as many books as I do, it’s great to “catch up” with a novella, so you don’t forget the story line. Some Like It Witchy.

Return to Book Page. Jolie had just won a bet with Odran and wakes up to find a concerned and protective Bbewitched.

The hard coldness of Ryder’s back met me as I drove the stake into his flesh with all the strength I could muster. There wasn’t any new information or depth given really, than I got from reading the 2nd book in the series. May 31, Shewanda rated it it was amazing. But the allure of a vampire’s sexuality during a feed was too much for Jolie, and she fell prey to the sexual desires and the site and images were overwhelming to Rand who had yet to reveal the true extent of his feelings for Jolie.

We did not learn anything new other than the fact that Rand is a commitment-phobe and the novella really didn’t contribute anything to the stor I really like all of HP Mallory’s work, but I was really unimpressed with this novella.


HP Mallory Books | Jolie Wilkins & Dulcie O Neil Series

There is some pretty good action of the fighting kindsome very hot situations with each of the men, and lots of magic. Beditched god for digital books … Show more Show less.

This little novella is nothing short of amazing. An Ex to Grind in Deadwood.

Jolie Wilkins Series

It definitely keeps things interesting. The Gargoyle Gets His Girl. A Fashionably Dead Diary. But then she becomes the self-doubting witch wrapped up in an implausible love triangle and I just find myself rolling my eyes with impatience. But I still was just not very impressed.

Jan 17, Nikki Wilde rated it liked it. Yet hope is a treacherous friend who whispers in the night to come inside and warm yourself by the fire bewltched as you see the icicles on the inside of the windows