Free summary and analysis of the events in Bernard Malamud’s The Magic Barrel that won’t make you snore. We promise. Complete summary of Bernard Malamud’s The Magic Barrel. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Magic Barrel. Bernard Malamud’s short story, “The Magic Barrel,” was first published in the Partisan Review in , and reprinted in in Malamud’s first volume of short .

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In part four, parallel to Numbers in which the methods and choices in the redemption story become clear, Salzman offers Leo yet one more chance to avoid evil. And precisely because it is absurd, Finkle falls in love. We can only conclude, following this line of reasoning, that eventually Leo consciously chooses evil and turns his back on God Whom he said he did not love anyhow. Yeshivah University is the oldest and most distinguished Jewish institution of higher learning in the United States.

Let us spend a few lines on it. In my favourite story, ‘The Angel Levine’, the divine literally enters to intervene in the life of a man whose misfortunes are piled high on him. We notice the mention of his walking cane even as Moses carried a staff. We do know that our hometown is a cornucopia of other types. Quando o amor, ou apenas a generosidade?

In short, Finkle no longer imagines a world in which hundreds of cards, each one longing for marriage, are churned about and finally brought together. I also found many of the stories to be inspired by other works, but re-worked in a Jewish-American brarel.

Modern Language Association bernarv Leo looks at it a moment, then lets out a cry of love. To stay in an apartment or find a new one. Does anyone dash down the street radiant with love?

Why is it called The Magic Barrel? – Magic Barrel

View all 9 comments. There seems to be a great deal of existentialist influence reflected in this story: In the United States Supreme Court unanimously rejected the concept of segregation in the case of Brown v.

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For Leo Finkle does not fall in love primarily for a reason—but rather he loves for no reason at all. Maamud he must present her in a context so that it is absurd to marry her. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. The revelation seems to have made Malamud more actively aware of his own Jewish identity.

This grew tiring after several stories for me. National Book Award for Fiction This is not a bride for a rabbi. I was pleasantly surprised by some of Malamud’s stories, while others left me cold. If you think life is more of a mixed bag, then perhaps this book will only depress you.

It might be because of the author of that Magic Barrel story. We look closely at the story for evidence that one is presented as a positive character and the other as negative.

The Magic Barrel

Every single story, without exception, deals with people who cannot rise to their own imaginations of themselves. These stories just have this quiet subtlety which lets the emotion ring through in such a natural seeming way. Why, he could at first not say. Finkle becomes embarrassed by the overtly commercial nature of the conversation and, wondering what role love might play in an arranged marriage, asks Salzman to leave.

The only other book which has never been forgotten is “The Arms of Krupp. Life barel full of personal shortcomings, a bald spot, a stubborn rejection of family, an inability to swim or make money. I tagged this “magical-realism” because there is something He has been called the Jewish Hawthorne, but he might just as well be thought a Jewish Chopin, a prose composer of preludes and noctures.

His desire must be attained.

Pinye Salzman is not only a matchmaker as colorful as Finkle is drab, but he is also the catalyst who forces Finkle to see how sterile, how spiritually impoverished, his life has been. When Salzman arrives the next day, Leo criticizes the matchmaker for having misrepresented the situation to Lily, and tells him that he will no longer require his services. But Leo, the rabbinical student, he was needy yet very particular; he rejected one-by-one the contents of the barrel.


Those who write know how pain I quenched my thirst for great storytelling while trapped in airports and belted in seats on two planes today.

After hearing that he would have better job prospects if he were to get married, Leo decides to consult a matchmaker. Aug 21, David rated it it was amazing. Leo bernarf to believe that through love—the love he feels when he first sees the photograph bernrad Stella Salzman—he may begin his life anew, and forge an identity based on something more positive.

At a used-car lot he would no doubt kick the tires and play the role of a discriminating consumer; at the matchmaker’s he eyes each new prospect with similar suspicions.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Instead of observing the Sabbath, he goes out on a date with Lily. I came to God not because I loved him, but because I did not.

The Magic Barrel – Wikipedia

Yet too much was tiresome. He must be able to distinguish them. The first three commandments disappear, not broken but evaporated! Feature for feature, even some of the ladies of the photographs could do better; but she leaped forth to his heart—had lived, or wanted to—more than just wanted, perhaps regretted how barfel had lived—had somehow deeply suffered: