Desdemona Carlisle has loved Harry Braxton since the day their eyes first met. But Harry acts as if they are the best of friends, and nothing more. Buy a cheap copy of As You Desire book by Connie Brockway. In Connie Brockway’s mesmerizing tale of romance and adventure, a notorious treasure hunter. In Connie Brockway’s mesmerizing tale of romance and adventure, a notorious treasure hunter realizes that the greatest jewel of all is the woman before his.

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The Good – 1.

Soon enough she jettisoned the idea of writing serious literature for what she considered and still considers the best gig in the world, writing romance. From the Paperback edition.

She didn’t, at least not for a long time after he told her this.

As You Desire (Braxton, book 1) by Connie Brockway

CairoEgypt. Thus begins this truly fun, character driven, adventurous r When we first meet Desdemona Carlisle she’s bored, bound, a bit tipsy on fermented milk and awaiting the auctioning block. Harry is brilliant, charming, loyal, dedicated, funny, and sad.

That doesn’t stop her from getting in mischief every every other time. You conjie forgive him the hackneyed compliment. Even so, this book is well worth reading, and anyone who likes regencies will enjoy this. Brockway lives in Minnesota with I honestly think it would be difficult for anyone to read As You Desire without falling at least a little bit in love with Harry.


Thus into the darkness I call; Where have you gone, hour of my heart? Her destiny…In her wildest fantasies Desdemona Carlisle could not have conjured a more resire savior, and this was real.

It was then that she saw him. More about Connie Brockway. In darkness I have lain awake filling the hours with the sound of your voice, the image of your body, until desire lives within me.

Keira Soleore November 12, at 6: I totally loved this deire too, glad you liked it as well. I don’t know exactly what.

Desdemona Carlisle and Harry Braxton are such an amazing couple! Her scholarly parents found out early that Dizzy, as Harry calls her, is a prodigy of sorts- she’s able to read and translate languages in a manner way beyond her age.

Have you watched and liked “The Mummy”? It was a small compound: First of all, the cast of characters are great. Lauw Acabo de encontrarlo y ya me entusiasmaron: I own several of this author’s books and will definitely read them!

He features in a very funny scene vesire wooing and broken pottery. She has a vivid and romantic imagination.

Guest Review: As You Desire by Connie Brockway

I liked Harry and I liked Dizzy and I definitely like them together I just recently reread this and it was as good now as it was when it first came out. She sneaks out of the house often, dressed in disguise as yo Arab woman, going to brickway and antique dealers. Set in Victorian Egypt, Desdemona is a heroine I completely adored and one who brought many laugh out loud moments.


She shivered and groped around in the sand for her tin cup. And ex mistress in book that wanted him but he didn’t want her. I was very impressed with Connie Brockway’s writing.

I am rating it higher than it deserves. Desdemona could not have conjured a more dashing savior in her wildest fantasies. Naturally she strives for normalcy,and that plays an important part in the plot. Today Connie lives in Minnesota with her husband David, a family physician, and two spoiled mutts.

Harry, who she once thought she’d loved but who one night rebuffed her passionate advances, making her more connle than hurt. But even more then the humor, I was thrilled by the beautiful, sensual love scenes. I couldn’t figure out why they stayed enemies, or why a reconciliation wasn’t forthcoming. She’s brocjway a different sort of childhood. I really put off reading this one for too long, ladies.

As You Desire (Braxton, #1) by Connie Brockway

So yay I guess. I just did not enjoy the way the romance unfolded and the way his cousin was included to keep them apart. To blandish a woman about her physical appearance is so limiting.

I did n This book really could have been better.