Lequesne et al developed an index of severity for osteoarthritis for the hip (ISH) Sections for index: The algofunctional indices for hip and knee osteoarthritis. Launch of Laboratoires Expanscience’s first iPhone and iPad application: the Lequesne Algofunctional Index This application was developed in an exclusive. R.L. Dreiser has elaborated an algofunctional index for hand athropathies similar to those already used for the follow-up of hip or knee arthropathies (2,3).

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Neuromuscular taping enhances hand function in patients with systemic sclerosis: In addition to the problems raised by clinical trials in osteoarthritis in general and to the difficulties due to the unforeseeable course of osteoarthritis of the trapezometacarpal and finger joints, the lack of a clinical tool for assessing pain and function over time is an additional obstacle.

Effects of Sono-feedback during aspiration of Baker’s cysts: The syndrome of osteoarthritis. Effectiveness of intra-articular ozone injections on outcomes of post-arthroscopic surgery for knee osteoarthritis Xiangjiang WangGuiqing WangChunlei LiuDaozhang Cai Experimental and therapeutic medicine None, Conflict of Interest: Expanscience develops and also sells natural-origin active ingredients for use in cosmetics, both in France and abroad.


This score qualifies the level of osteoarthritis reached.

Showing of 25 extracted citations. Showing of extracted citations. Translated by Ghulam Husnain Kantoori.

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of Singapore English and Chinese versions of the Lequesne Algofunctional Index of knee in Asians with knee osteoarthritis in Singapore. Most patients recruited in OA trials have a score of SD 2.

Mit einem Spearman-Koeffizienten von 0,63 bis 0,81 besteht eine gute Korrelation.

The algofunctional indices for hip and knee osteoarthritis. – Semantic Scholar

Showing of 26 references. The cause not result of joint failure? Fausto SalaffiG. The mean percentage algkfunctional of Lequesne Algo-Functional Index score was Prevalence of rheumatic diseases in a rural population in Western India: Release of oxygen radicals by articular chondrocytes: Degenerative polyarthritis Hip structure.

Internally, a combination formula of Unani herbs was administered, which was as follows: By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms alvofunctional in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Ancient Sci Life ; Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis: Time needed to fill in the Lequesne score was 2 min.

The whole value chain is integrated into the company — from research through to production and ibdex. Rehabilitation ; 41 4: Degenerative polyarthritis Search for additional papers on this topic.


Lequesne Algofunctional Index Application | Drupal

Log on to http: Up to now there has been no German version of the questionnaire fulfilling the guidelines for cross-cultural adaptation and providing satisfactory metric quality. Languages English, French, Spanish.

The mean and standard deviation was Karthikeyan J, Rani P. How to cite this article: Measures of hand function: Ann Intern Med ; Baseline characteristics Click here to view. J Assoc Physicians India ; Report of 32 cases].

Lequesne’s Algofunctional Index for Hip and Knee (LAI)

Showing of 60 extracted citations. A randomized controlled trial. Lequesne Algo-functional index score Click here to view.

They are useful mainly as outcome measures in OA trials, and also for appraising the severity of patient function: By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.