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DPS chanter?

If you want to focus on getting a defensive support set first in order to get into instances and get your other stuff faster, I highly recommend getting a Strike Resist set to hold you over. It felt good to have it back then.

Oh I don’t know. However, you can only cbanter 3 on at once. PVP is a whole different ballgame for Chanters. I personally think that defensive sets should be at the very bottom of the priority list. HB3 sucks, is really inefficient, and consdiering Reinforced Apollon’s gear has baseline heal boost numbers you can socket full HP without issue. If the enemy has enough strike resist, your hit mantra will do effectively nothing.

You can be dps, but with support build of stigmas to increase dps of others. Either this or Huide not too updated with 5. Blessing gkide Stone for the win though. I’m only level 71, so I don’t have a ton of CP yet. This is such a Rinku thing to say. Easy example, imagine there are two equally geared groups.

DPS chanter? – Chanter – Aion EN

onlien Posted August 28, onlone That being said the sweet spot for group pve is either support stigmas in a physical heavy group or all-out-dps in a magic heavy group. Inflicts – physical damage on a stunned or stumbled target within 25m radius and binds it for 3 sec. It has a 5 second cooldown but lasts 38 seconds olnine you to cycle it on everyone in a 6 man party.


Register a new account. Spam healing light in any downtime and spot heal. Prioritize keeping things on cooldown. I personally disagree with making an HP set No kinah for that atm tho: Sita – Jan 6th8: Focus on getting 15, HP to start with for all entry level content. An example of this cheap gear: Posted September 1, edited.

Posted August 28, edited. Posted August 31, edited. I know that feels. This lasts until the curtain blocks damage on the person. They were lovely back when they were mantra bots? Mountain Crash can be changed wtih Word of Protection or Disorienting Blow cuanter classes with low stuns or stumble immunity or resistance such as Gladiators or Templars.

Used to be a very lovely class back before 4. There are three major breakpoints in PVE onlien as a chanter: Increases Speed of individual group members within xion radius by A jack of all trades, Chanters are a flexible class that works extremely well in both solo and group situations.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. You can hit those numbers and then start to chahter with stats. Also also, Word of Inspiration can be nice to keep in your inventory for when you have a hybrid build that onpine give the Word of Instigation vision stigma.

Are you referring to how it switches to the entire group instead of just myself? Note that Chanters themselves do not care or really want this buff: A Chanter is a chain class in Aion that wields staffs, maces, and shields in order to beat back foes with physical damage, and heal and buff allies with protective mantras and spells.


Inflicts – physical damage on a target within 25m, and deals further damage every 3 sec for 12 sec. Sign in Already have an account? As others have said – Chanter currently is a viable DPS class, it is probably stronger than ever before.

I don’t think chanters needs their mantras do be buffed. So, you should find group easily.

I would ask for at last one more healing skill or even a single target dispel. In general, you only care about 4 of these. Current endgame meta is chanters with support vision skill DPSing, only helping out with healing when cleric is having problems, and even then it’s usually enough to pop the 75 High Daeva shield. I go hybrid at all times lv74 atm. The only plus for WoP in PvE is elemental defence, which Keep recovery spell on the tank or person tanking the most damage Try to be efficient with Healing Burst.

For running the hardest content available, such as Bastion of Souls, you will need 25, HP or more. For this reason you should always remember to buff Ascension Spell on yourself before using Word of Instigation as it will prevent Word of Instigation from applying to yourself when you buff it.