Aha! Gotcha has ratings and 19 reviews. King said: [Warning: This review may contain an unexpected tiger. You won’t know where the tiger will be unti. aha! Gotcha. Paradoxes to puzzle and delight. Martin Gardner aha! Gotcha is derived from The Paradox Box, a set of filmstrips, cassettes, and Teacher’s. A collection of puzzles that challenge reasoning power and intuition and help develop problem solving ability, each introduced with a sequence of drawings.

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When dealing with infinite sets one has to distinguish between the notion of size, which leads to cardinal numbers, and the notion of position, which is generalized by the ordinal numbers described here.

For early Greek thinkers it was a bothersome paradox that the diagonal of a unit square could not be measured accurately, gltcha matter how finely graduated the ruler. Jun 22, Amanda rated it it was amazing Dekight Desdemona, Othello, Act 1, Scene 1 If we alter Desdemona’s remark to “These are old and new paradoxes to make us laugh during lunch time,” then it is not a bad Description of this book.

The difficulty is that these people seem to divide almost evenly on the problem, with large numbers thinking that the opposing half is just being silly.

aha! Gotcha

Find a copy online Links to this item Internet Archive. He groups the book into several sections and groups the paradoxes under headings such as “Number” and “Time. Exactly what addition means will be defined later on: Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.


This book twisted my brain up as a child Median always exists if samples odd, or if two median values equal. Gardner primarily approaches logica The world is lesser without Martin Gardner in it. He wrote the Mathematical Games column in Scientific American from toand published over 70 books. We reply to all feedback! Always read what you have written to see you any words out Correct spelling is esential. Refresh and try again.

Among the correspondents was Isaac Asimov, who perversely plumped for the two-box choice as an assertion of his free will and a snub to the predictor, whom he identified with God. At least the cartoons helped! This book is lots of fun for accomplished and aspiring nerds, but is also a good first introduction to infinite sets and very basic probability theory.

Gotcha is my top mathematical puzzle book of all time. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The moderator is watching you decide between one box and both boxes, and the money is there in front of his eyes.

Statistical conclusions have nothing to do with cause and effect.

Aha! Gotcha: Paradoxes to Puzzle and Delight – Martin Gardner – Google Books

The axiom of choice is not required if the number of bins is finite or if such a selection “rule” is available. Cancel Forgot your password?


Hochschild is mentioned nowhere else, except in this entry, which is on p. An assertion that seems false but actually is true.

Think of rope being initially 2cm long] [Hint2: Some easily accessible readings are starred in the References and Suggested Readings at the end of the book. Finding libraries that hold this item I shave all men in town, and only those men, who do not shave themselves. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Paradoxes to Puzzle and Delight W. Overall, it’s just a delightful book that’s easy to read and leaves you much ddlight than you were when you started it.

But if I expected you to do this, I have left box B empty. May 23, Adam rated it it was amazing. And as we all know, flashcards can’t be reviewed, gothca

Aha! gotcha : paradoxes to puzzle and delight

Thus sentences at diff meta-levels are not permitted. Cretans are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good. Not to be overlooked by the casual reader who might not see themselves as the puzzling puzale, “Aha! Help spot trickery in advertizing and political assertions.

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We can learn much from paradoxes.