Acropora hyacinthus is a coral that forms large, low, roughly circular tables or semi-circular brackets. It has a fairly variable form, mostly due to its very wide. PDF | On Jan 1, , Fumihito Iwase and others published Artificial breeding method of Acropora hyacinthus (Scleractinia, Cnidaria). original description (ofAcropora conferta (Quelch, )) Quelch, J.J. Report on the reef-corals collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years

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Acropora hyacinthus – BioProject Result

Acropora hyacinthus Dana, Madrepora hyacinthus Dana, Acropora Polystachus hyacinthus Dana, previous combination. Acropora Polystachus pectinata Brook, synonymy.

Acropora bifurcata Nemenzo, Synonymy. Acropora conferta Quelch, synonymy. Acropora flabelliformis Milne Edwards, synonym? Acropora pectinata Brook, synonymy. Acropora recumbens Brook, synonymy. Acropora surculosa Dana, synonymy. Acropora turbinata Dana, Madrepora Eumadrepora surculosa Dana, previous combination. Madrepora Polystachys conferta Quelch, Synonymy. Madrepora Polystachys hyacinthus Dana, previous combination.


Madrepora Polystachys patella Studer, homonym, synonym. Madrepora Polystachys pectinata Brook, Synonymy. Madrepora Polystachys recumbens Brook, Synonymy. Madrepora Polystachys sinensis Brook, Synonymy. Madrepora Polystachys surculosa Dana, Synonymy. Madrepora conferta Acropira, synonymy.

Madrepora flabelliformis Milne Edwards, synonym?

Madrepora hyacinthus Dana, original combination, basionym. Madrepora patella Studer, Homonym, synonym.

Acropora Hyacinthus

Madrepora pectinata Brook, synonymy. Madrepora recumbens Brook, synonymy. Madrepora sinensis Brook, synonymy. Madrepora surculosa Hyqcinthus, synonymy. Madrepora turbinata Dana, synonymy. It has a fairly variable form, mostly due to its very wide range of habitats. In turbulent water it forms solid, heavy sheets with stunted vertical branchlets it is found in very rough waterand in sheltered conditions its branchlets become longer, slender and more separate.

All intermediate conditions are common. Its branches anastomose strongly such that central portions may be thick, unbroken sheets, especially in exposed locations, where the tables may touch the substrate and form several secondary points of attachment. In all cases, branchlets turn upwards vertically from the upper surface of the tables.

They may show elongated axial corallites, or else the branchlet tips may terminate in “rosettes” of calices with no protuberant axial corallite.


Both conditions usually occur in the same colonies. This species usually shows emerged, long and waving tentacles during the daytime. This species is commonest in less hyacinrhus 3 or 4 m depth, where it is a very consistent component of the surf zone on exposed reef crests. However, it has a very wide distribution, and may be found in clear water and lagoonal areas to 35 m deep Sheppard, Colonies are wide, flat tables which are thin and finely structured.

Fine upward projecting branchlets have a rosette-like arrangement of radial corallites. Axial corallites are not exsert.

A tabular species with fine branches which project upwards. The radial corallites hyacibthus the tips a rosette-like appearance. Colonies are often tiered. United States Exploring Expedition during the years Lea and Blanchard, Philadelphia. Connect with us ‘.