For long time we fly the Extra 3D of 3DBatix, one great 3D plane for outdoor fly and low cost. It is easy fly, where can learning to fly, but the. “Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado” by ACA3D was liked by 0 people. We know this might sound crazy, but if you like this video too, maybe you and them. Browse Credits. Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado. “Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado” by ACA3D has 1 person who starred in or helped make this video.

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The axi lets the planes hover at half throttle, this means the planes are really overpowered. Other important item was the SFG Side Force Generatoressential for this new model, where was improvement in the roll and variants and logical the knife edge.

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Steve Boone founder of the SSP. So far I have built 3 all out of 6mm Depron. I now have a bunch of planes that won’t get much airtime with the 3DBatix around.

Then studying a little and crash the head and planes and arrived one new project over the same. I abuse mine badly. Thanks for the kind comments, BTW, It flew today, and boy did it fly!!!!


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3Dbatix Extra 330

Find More Posts by SuperLou. I just finished putting one together for when my 3dbatix Diablo dies.

3xbatix hard to mistake the top from the bottom. AUW is right at Ummm weight, i belive it was 13oz’s. I did intend to use more yellow but some how it got red again. 3330 plan on building a new extra, with all the weight saving I can get. We need to give a Foamie of the Year Award to whoever it was that made this plane possible. It all fits on one sheet.

3Dbatix Extra – video dailymotion

Send a private message to flight So who else has had experiences with this foamy????? Find More Posts by Staudacher. Add a Poll to this Thread. Lanier Extra and G Discuss all aspects of Electric 3D RC flying here!

I hope you exxtra see the lines on this overcompressed. The Diablo is an awesome foamy and the Extra is supposed to be even better. Find More Posts by mountaindr3wz.

Hey Bass, how thick are the EPP wings? Find More Posts by Funflyaddict.

So far I have built 2 versions of this design a 39″ and a 34″ both fly great. The download tiled plan HERE. Find More Posts by wvl. I may add the fancy stuff to the landing gear someday and otherwise pretty it up a bit. There is no better 3D foamie than the Extra from 3Dbatix. After a hundred fly and 3D trainingwe arrived at a point where the model was for back, we needed more, it could’t do with ease advanced maneuvers. I’m very interested in building this soon but can anyone help with electronics needed?


Attachment browser: 3dbatix extra jpg by Bill Martins – RC Groups

I even flew one completly broken in half with the wires and pushrods keeping the two halves together. Send a private message to Staudacher.

The first 2 ‘s are hanging around waiting on better weather. Im stuck buying 3dfoamy kits. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Send a private message to cje Send a private message to goff Oct 06, Jan 3dbxtix, Hard to believe that flat sheet of floor insulation will fly soooo good!